9 Relaxing Bath Music Playlists [Review]

A complete guide to relaxing bath music. Either before bed or a big night out, make it relaxing with these nine bath time playlist ideas.

Each item on the list links to a Spotify playlist or album. hit a link, or scroll down for a review of each

  1. Bath Time – Chill Out Music
  2. Relax in the Bath/Relaxation Sounds
  3. Relaxing Music
  4. Bath Songs to Relax
  5. Bath Relaxation Music
  6. Bath with Music of Nature
  7. Spa – Music for Massage, Wellness, Relaxation
  8. Ultimate Spa Music
  9. New Age Echoes of nature Spa

Bath Time – Chill Out Music

Bath Time Music
Number of Songs – 20
Length – 1hr 11 mins

An instrumental collection, primarily in an acoustic guitar and wind instrument collection.

Beginning with Show Me Heaven with heavy sax to She’s out of my Life on Flute, this collection is full of covers you will recognise from the pop charts.

If you love a recognisable tune, but without the vast production, stripped back to the basics, then this is the relaxing bath music for you

Relax in the Bath/Relaxation Sounds

Relaxing Bath Music, relax in the bath
Number of Songs – 139
Length – 8hr 7 mins

Quite a few baths can be completed with this playlist at a touch over 8hrs.

There is a mixture of originals from the likes of George Ezra, Katie Melua and Coldplay. But interspersed you’ll find some bright and breezy acoustic covers too. With instrumentals dotted around, you can pick any start point and be sure you’ve got plenty of music to get you right through the longest bath chill out.

Relaxing Music

Relaxing music for the bath
Number of Songs – 14
Length – 41 minutes

At 41 minutes, this is an album that could you see right through your bath. Press play on track 1, Mad World, covered by Sergei Baronin instrumentally, close your eyes, and with any luck, you will drift off at a point, waking to a brace of tunes by John Hanks fingerpicking some beauties

Bath Songs to Relax

Bath songs to relax
Number of Songs – 102
Lengths – 6hr 27mins

Miley Cyrus, George Ezra and Tom Odell set you on your way with this collection of songs to relax in the bath with. Harry Styles and Justin Timberlake make appearances too.

If taking a bath with James Arthur or John legend is something you have dreamed of, this is going to get pretty close.

A perfect mix of popular tunes on the lower scale of the tempo range.

Bath Relaxation Music

Bath relaxation music
Number of Songs – 15
Length 1hr 3 mins

Just over an hour-long, this collection is simply the type of thing you would expect to hear in the background at your favourite Spa.

With track titles such as Stress Relief, to Bio Natural Energy. Cosmic harmony and Release Tension, you can see where this album is coming from.

Bathtime music for those who want to really zone out and recover from the days rough and tumble

Bath with Music of Nature

Bath music with nature sounds
Number of Songs – 15
Length – 1hr 1min

Keeping in line with the playlist above, you will find this album sharing sounds of nature. When you see titles like ‘Pouring Rain’ and Rain Sound’, don’t worry, it’s not just the sound of rain. Although that wouldn’t be a bad thing in itself. This is a plodding piano, accompanied by the sound of falling rain to relax in the bath with.

Morning Breeze and Nature Sounds allow your mind to wander to calm and collectedness to totally destress

Spa – Music for Massage, Wellness, Relaxation

Spa music for the bath
Number of Songs – 21
Length – 1hr 4 mins

Another one-hour collection of tunes to play in the bath, while you drift away to a spa day in your mind.

This album might be a way down my list here but is one of my favourites, it sits between the instrumental pop covers and the sounds of nature, with original tunes that are there but are not there at the same time.

This one works for me whether my bath with music is in the afternoon or the evening. A scented candle accompaniment works well. or try a terrific bath bomb

Ultimate Spa Music

Ultimate Spa Music collection for a relaxing bath
Number of Songs – 363
Length – 26hr 17 mins

Now, you are not going to get through this playlist in a single session. Not without topping up the hot water several dozen times.

With an entire day’s worth of relaxing bath music, this might be the only bath time music playlist you will ever need.

Completly rammed with spa tunes, if you want to save one playlist for bath time, then this might be the one.

Whack on the face mask, light the candles, take the lights down, slip in, close your eyes, and we will see you tomorrow!

New Age Echoes of Nature Spa

Bath music echoes of nature
Number of Songs – 15
Length – 54 minutes

Back to a far more reasonable 54 minutes for the final suggestion for music for the bath. 

There is a lot of calming wind in this, from the pipes in the opening track named simply, relaxation. Let me say this opening track will do just that. I challenge you to stay awake through just those three and a half minutes.

Flowing through, Green Garden sounds, Tibetan Massage, and the drums and pipes of ‘Secret of Nature’ taking me off to maybe a wild green Alaskan Pastures close to a bubbling river; this collection really does clear the mind and transport you to other places.

Bath Music for Relaxation Summary

I hope you find something on the list of relaxing bath music to enjoy. Sometimes I like to be alone with my thoughts in the bath, but if I need some company, any of these playlists will suit your mood. Whether that be sounds of nature, a Spa experience, or just some acoustic or instrumental cover of popular songs you already know.

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