“Employ passionate, enthusiastic, ethical people. Employ the fanatics. Employ the crazy people that other people won’t employ because they’re too crazy.”

Mark Constantine
Lush Co-Founder

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I’m not a huge fan of ‘About Us’ Pages. After all, you didn’t search for me.

You arrived here by searching for Bath Bombs or something about Bath Bombs. That’s what you want to know about or find an answer to.

Although to be fair, you probably didn’t arrive at this page through search. You were most likely on the site and thought you would hit the ‘About BBG’ button on the menu to find out. So maybe you do want to know.

I’ll keep it brief so as not to bore you!

Basically I was living in the new Forest at the dawn of the Bath Bomb and Poole Quay was a regular weekend hangout. Great bars, restaurants and quirky shops.

And of course Poole, in Dorset was also the birth place of the Bath Bomb. Right around the time I was there. I was fortunate to be discovering Bath Bombs for the first time, right there in the infancy.

A fair few tides have come and gone in the time since but my fascination with Bath Bombs is still as strong as it ever was. So I thought I would share some of my experience and collected info from over those year here in my personal Bath Bomb Guide