How to Make Your Homemade Soap Smell Delicious: Add Scent to Soap

Scenting your soap and making it smell delicious is a great way to add an extra level of enjoyment for you and those who use it. From using essential oils, to synthetic fragrances, there are plenty of options when creating the perfect scent for your homemade soap! This blog post will explore how adding fragrance to your soap can be done in a number of different ways; including how to make sure that you’re choosing the right scents for yourself or others.

The best way to add the scent to soap is by adding it directly into the mixture. ensuring that all of those lovely essential oil molecules are distributed evenly, giving a more even fragrance across each bar! Fragrance or essential oils are great or Natural scents are popular aromas too.

Understanding what is best to use for your homemade soap will greatly increase the quality of the soaps you are making. Most of the time people will be using essential oils, or even making their pure essential oils to ensure that the soaps they are making have the best possible smell they can. However, there are a few tricks you should be employing to ensure that the smell from your oils and the scent in the soap last as long or longer than planned.

Why using pure essential oils is common?

The simple answer is that you need to balance everything in your soap to be perfect, and when you are adding essential oils they will naturally add in their scents.

Pure essential oil, not diluted in water or other oils, has an extremely strong scent. This means that you only need to use a lower dosage of the oil to achieve the same effect, which saves you hours of balancing calculations.

Using pure essential oils further means that you are getting a greater concentrate from the healing effects that the oils have, allowing you to comfortably use them in your soaps.

Many times people will use normal, diluted essential oils the first time they are making soap. This rapidly causes the soap to become unbalanced, as normal essential oils contain more moisture than the concentrate.

Further, many people are not always aware that the soap will become slimy, greasy, or not solid if they use too much oil, which is prone to happen when using diluted essential oils.

What makes pure scent oils different?

Pure scent oils are not essential oils, they are oils made either synthetically or with extracts to have specific scents that may not naturally occur.

Scent oils can smell like anything from different essential oils to candies, or even that new car smell that everyone loves. This diversity is why scent oils are loves, as they are also much less likely to cause allergies.

This difference means that scent oils are not at all healthy on their own, producing no benefits of their own. This is why you will usually use them with a bit of other essential oils to increase or compliments the scents given by those oils.

If you are making clean, basic soap for someone with sensitive skin or someone who might be allergic. The scent oils will usually not have any reactions to those who would react negatively to any essential oils.

Further, the scent oils can be a lot stronger in scent, allowing the soaps you are using to last a significantly longer amount of time.

This means that you can comfortably have the smells you want in your soap without having to stress about the scent fading. These oils work the absolute best to compliment the smells created by your essential oils.

How to use each type of scent added to your soap?

With each type of scent that you can add to your soap, the oils, the scents, and the flowers there are different things that you need to consider.

With each type of scent addition, you are making you will need to learn just how much can be added as adding too much or too little will have drastic effects on your end result.

Many times people can only learn through practice how much soap to be added to their soaps as most of the time it will cause their soaps to be slimy.

However, it should be worth noting that there is a natural balance that you can learn through the experience of others in the soap-making hobby. Usually, the balance for a specific essential oil, flower, and scent oils has already been calculated and tested.

Dropping in some scented oil

Scent oil is the one that you should always have one hand if you are making homemade soaps as they are the oils that can be added to ensure that your soap gives off the best possible smell.

Having one part of the essential oil mix be just pure scented oils will give a massive boost to the overall scent of your soap, which is why you should always add just a few drops even if you are making a pure essential oil soap.

One teaspoon of scented soap will be enough to overpower all other scents in your soap and will need a bit of smell from the essential oils you are using to give it a more dynamic complexity.

This is usually why you will find people are using only a drop of scent oil, which is based on the essential oils they are using.

Boosting the overall smell of the soap instead of creating conflicting smells that would create an assault on your senses.

Balancing your essential oils

When you are using just pure essential oils you will need to ensure that the oils are all complimenting each other, a softer scent, used with other softer scents will create something amazing.

However, using two soft scented pure essential oils mixed with one stronger one can cause the soap to have an overpowering smell that can cause unpleasantness when used.

You will need to test how the oils are interacting with each other long before you are adding them to the soap mixture you are making.

Having the best soap mixture will usually allow you to comfortably have an essential oil-infused soap that is strong, without it being so overpowering that no one ever wants to use it.

Using shredded flowers and spices

When you are using shredded flowers, that are dried out, or larger spices that have not been completely shredded you will need to be a bit more careful.

Letting these steep in the melted soap ingredients will help to infuse the soaps with their scents. However, you will still only feel the full effect of these soaps once you have used the soap until you reach the flowers or spices.

Most of the time you will find that people that use these will have one essential oil they are adding into their soaps.

This is why you should have the flowers the essential oils are based on in the soap, as these two will work together and create a magnificent smell and feels you can have in a soap.


Adding in scents through oils, scent oils, flowers, or spices is an important part of your soap and you will usually learn to create your mixes. Many soap makers create their unique combinations of oils and scents to create a unique soap that only they can provide, taking a corner of their local market.

I hope you have found some information in this article that you can use to make your soap smell delicious.

Whatever you do, just be sure you add the right amount, nothing says not luxurious like washing yourself and finding pockets of assaulting essential oils in your soap!

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