7 Cautions to Take With Bath Bombs (Kids, Planet, Skin, Addiction)

You probably know that bath bombs are a popular way to relax, but did you know they can also be dangerous? That’s why it’s important to keep safety in mind when using these products. In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the dangers associated with bath bombs and how you can avoid them.

Most of the dangers, and they are few given that bath bombs were created with specifically sensitive skin in mind, are based around sensible use.

However, not all bath bombs are made the same, with the same ingredients and with the same safety controls in place. Whilst it would be unlikely to pick up a dangerous store-bought bath bomb, you do at least have the reassurance that all commercial bath bomb production should be carried out with a strict set of safety guidelines from the FDA.

Often people think craft markets and homemade organic and all-natural bath bombs might be safer, but this is not always the case, as whilst these producers should also be following FDA guidelines, there is no guarantee they are, and you have no idea what could be contained within the ingredient set up of the bath bomb.

With the negative possibilities out of the way, let me say that problems from bath bombs in terms of the dangers are very few and far between, and as long as you don’t have any allergies to the ingredients you should be able to use most bath bombs perfectly safely.

With that out of the way, let’s look at some possible dangers from bath bomb use.

1. Bath bombs are not safe for unsupervised children

This is probably the most obvious danger of bath bombs. Any cosmetic products should be kept at a safe distance, and out of reach of small children and babies. they have a mad scientist tendency to want to taste everything. Whilst the base ingredients of bath bombs [not talking about fragrance and colors here] are generally food-grade products, ingesting them in any quantity s plainly not going to be good.

2. They can make a mess in the wrong hands

As well as the danger of ingestion, bath bombs can be messy when not used in the correct way, you are not going to want that bright pink or multi-colored unicorn bath bomb removed from the tub mid-dissolve and landing on your pristine white bathroom carpet!!

The danger of bath bombs is not only to health but also to your environment

3. Bath bombs can contain allergens.

These will be specific to the user and in most cases, the user will be aware of what ingredients they will be avoiding, so the danger is again in sensible use and self-awareness.

You’ll find fragrances and essential oils that may not agree with your skin. If you have seer nut allergies, make sure you check if any nuts have been used as part of the ingredients set up or in the decoration.

4. Bath bombs release carbon dioxide gas when they dissolve in water.

First off, carbon dioxide [CO2] is not carbon monoxide [CO], but that’s not to say it can not have health effects all the same, but Dioxide is not a poisonous as a gas as monoxide is , and it is often confused.

So, carbon dioxide is not flammable either, so don’t worry about using your bath bombs with a candlelit bathtub, you are fine.

5. The ingredients in bath bombs may be too harsh on sensitive skin

Well, this is the case in extreme cases of sensitive skin. Bath bombs were originally invented with sensitive skin in mind, and removing some of the harsh synthetic chemicals used in bath foams. The bath bomb was a natural replacement for the artificial foaming agents used in liquid soaps added to a bath

6. Bath Bombs can contain additives that are bath for your plumbing and the planet

Make sure you are aware of what is in your bath bomb. You can usually see when there are flower petals of herbs added to a bath bomb as they will be visual. They are a selling point in most cases won’t be hidden but do be aware of trying to keep them from going down the waste and a build-up of these materials can cause problems in your drain and lead to the cost of clearance if it gets really bad.

7. Bath Bomb Addiction

Ok, you think I am joking, but I did have a period where I just couldn’t stop buying bath bombs and trying each and every one out. I not only wanted to have my favorite all of the time, but I just had to see what the next bath bomb was like.

Now, from a health perspective, too many baths are a thing, but that’s not the real danger here. Your ability to keep paying for your newfound addiction is the real problem, especially if you start spending money you can ill afford to throw down the plug-hole quite literally.

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