Bath Bomb Embeds (What are they? How to Make them?)

If you have ever spent time making your own DIY bath bombs and want to take things to the next level, bath bomb embeds is your next step.

What are Bath Bomb Embeds?

Ever wondered what are bath bomb embeds? This article is going to investigate, explain and advise on what embeds are, what embeds do and how to make and use your own

Bath Bomb Embeds are placed into the center of larger bath bombs and add extra excitement, satisfaction, and perhaps a surprise. You can create a bigger fizz as the embed is reached, or perhaps a contrasting color change from the outer bath bomb and the embed inside.

Now you know what a bath bomb embed is, I’m sure you want to find out more and get started. There are a number of Bath Bomb Embed Recipes included in this article.

Types of Bath Bomb Embeds

A bath bomb embed could potentially be whatever you want it to be.

  • Extra Fizz
  • Multi-Colors
  • Complimentary aroma
  • Gift

You can create a bath bomb to have a final surprise at its center. A bit like a firework display your bath bomb can bubble and fizz but before finishing its job arrive at a crescendo of color, fizz or smell, or provide a surprise gift for the user.

How do You Make Embeds for Bath Bombs?

Making embeds for bath bombs is really no different than making the bath bombs themselves. In essence, you are just making smaller versions that fit inside your regular bath bomb.

The two main differences between bath bombs and embeds themselves become obvious when you know they fit in the middle of the bath bomb

  • SIZE

Bath Bomb Embed Size

It doesn’t really matter as long as it is smaller. But imagine a tennis ball with a golf ball inside – That should be a good visualization of the ratio.

They can of course be bigger or smaller depending on what you want to do, or you could even have multiple smaller embeds in a single bath bomb. This is a technique used to produce rainbow color release. More on that later.

Easy Bath Bomb Embed Ingredients

  • Baking Soda
  • Citric Acid
  • Witch Hazel

That’s it, that is the basics, that is all you need. Mix the baking soda and citric acid together in 1:1 ratio, and whatever you do, do not introduce water otherwise this thing is going to go off like krakatoa!, Well not quite that bad but your mixture will be ruined, and you’ll have to start all over again.

The Witch Hazel should be introduced to the dry mix, very slowly, one spray at a time until you have the right consistency. In contrast to your normal bath bomb mix, this can be a little less solid, in fact a little more air in the mix this time, and the reaction once the embed is reached in the tub will even greater. So just ensure the mix will stick together but it doesn’t matter if it is not a solid as normal.

You are going to get a real good bath bomb fizz from these.

Easy Bath Bomb Embeds

The quickest and easiest way to make spectacular embeds for your home made bath bombs is to use a 1:1 mixture of Baking Soda and Citric Acid.

You should already have noticed that, the one part to one part mix of these two ingredients is a huge step from the 2:1 mix for regular bath bombs. And you are right. These are the EXTRA FIZZ Embeds.

You really need very little else unless you want to add some color, but I will take us to different embed levels further on in this article, so keep reading for more adventurous embed ideas.

Why is the mix of baking soda and citric acid 50/50?

The greater concentration of citric acid produces a greater reaction with the baking soda once the water is introduced.

The beauty of this embed and the effect on your bath bomb is that it will look and feel like a normal bath bomb. It will act like a normal bath bomb in the water, until the moisture penetrates through to the 50/50 soda and acid mix – And that’s when the magic happens.

The greater concentration of citric acid will create the more furious fizz, and rather than your bath bomb slowly dissolving and dying out, it will complete its job with a thundering crescendo if fizz and hopefully spin in the tub.

Where Should the Embed go?

The Embed should be placed in the middle of your regular bath bomb. So imagine you have 3 parts filled one side of your mold, you would now place your embed into one side of the mold, add more bath bomb mix to cover it and then continue as normal ensuring you continue to tightly pack your bath bomb.

It is Off-Centre – Is this OK?

Having your bath bomb embed off center is not a problem, in fact, you will find it exactly how you want it to be placed. It will help produce more spin when the embed is reached.

Bath Bomb Embed Molds

The chances are you will not need to go out and buy molds, especially for embeds. For one, a uniformed shape offers little in aesthetics, as they are not visible in the product whilst centered in the bath bomb

The great thing is, like DIY FREE Bath Bomb Molds, you will be able to use a number of household items to create the molds for your embeds.

One of the most common and easiest to use is Ice Cube Trays. A silicone ice cube tray may be the best option. The reason for this, as with ice cubes, they are easier to remove from the more pliable silicon trays than the hard plastic ones people of a certain maturity have grown up with! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, or

Mini Ice Cube Tray – Perfect for Embeds [Price on Amazon]

This mini ice cube tray is perfect for making bath bomb embeds.

You can also use mini bath bomb molds, they make sense given this is going to fit inside a regular-sized bath bomb, or mini jello molds are good too. If you are making bath bombs as a craft with the kids, then they will have great fun knowing a mini teddy bear is inside the next bath bomb they are going to use.

Again, imagination is the only limitation to the shaps and size of embeds that you use.

The really adventurous will now be considering embeds within embeds. – I’ll leave you with that one.

Spinning Embed Bath Bomb Recipe

One of the greatest accomplishments of any bath bomb maker, apart from scent and color, is how much ‘spin’ you can get into your bath bomb.

In fact, in the various bath bomb enthusiast groups I am a part of, it is one of the most frequent questions I see asked from new members.

Better still you don’t need a specific recipe to make a bath bomb spin, you just need technique.

‘How do I make My Bath Bomb Spin’

There are a couple of ways to make a bath bomb spin, the easiest uses nothing more than one simple trick

To make a bath bomb spin when placed in the bath you need to create an imbalance in the construction. This can be done with a simple thumb imprint, off-center, on each side of the mold creating a density difference in the mixture before joining. The spin is created by the reaction of the bath bomb ingredients and the physics of the weight imbalance in the sphere.

Adding a 50:50 baking soda, and citric acid embed into the same position as the aforementioned off-center thumb imprints will also create an imbalance, with added weight this time as opposed to different mix densities. But also produce that extra pzzaz and fizz at the end.

How to you Make a Rainbow Embed

Bath Bombs With Multi-Color Embeds

A short scroll down this page will take you to the rainbow cloud bath bombs with multi-colored embeds. These are the ultimate in color-changing bath bombs, but arguably a bit obvious.

You could once again engage your imagination and come up with concepts like a skull, finished in white, gold, or black with red or green embeds.

As long as the colors are contrasting for maximum effect you will be able to create just about anything.

Another option if you have the time, space, and patience, is to make a bath bomb with several layers, as opposed to embeds.

Using a traditional spherical mold, you could fill to a couple of centimeters with one color, another layer with a slightly different shade, and repeat a third time in the center of the bomb, releasing slightly different colored organic glitter at each stage.

Bath Bombs With Extra Scent Embeds

I don’t know about you but I can be disappointed at times with the smell I get from shop-bought bath bombs. You know what I mean.

The shop smells great, the bombs smell great, you get home, run the tub, drop the bath bomb in, and have to smell real hard to get the aroma you were expecting.

One great way to avoid this disappointment is to make your own bath bombs using an extra Embed in the center.

Ensure all of your essential oil for the bath bomb is contained in the embed, and just as that bath bomb finishes all of the essential oil will be released in a short time just before you get in.

You are going to smell amazing for ages.

Bath Bombs with Gift Embeds

Here again we have the opportunity for just about anything.

Rings are popular, but of course, if you make your own bath bombs, you can put in something far better quality than the ones we see for sale elsewhere.

The best fun you can have with surprise embeds in bath bomb is if you can take a bath with a partner and organise a sexy treat in the bomb. It doesn’t have to be for your partner it can be for you, but either way, they will get the message of what you have planned for immediately after your bath!

Bath Bomb Embed Ideas

This is simply my mind running away with me, but I wanted to share some ideas for possible embed to add that something extra special to the next time you use a bath bomb with an embed in the tub.

Excuse my sense of drama and theatre at this stage, my mind runs away with me. If you are making your won bath bomb embeds, then please let your imagination go, it is the only limitation in what you can achieve when using embeds in bath bombs.

Lavender Blast Bath Bomb Embed

You can create a contrast in color. For instance, you may have a colorless bath bomb, to begin with, but once the embed is activated in the middle, a dark colorant is released.

Imagine a non-colored lavender-scented bath bomb, slowly dissolving in the tub, and giving off a beautiful, calming lavender scent, only to suddenly spring into action with a violet color and perhaps even small lavender flowers being released.

Oh, the Theatre!

Rainbow Cloud Bath Bomb

Now, this is not my idea, this is one I have seen elsewhere and have to admit, it is like, THE BEST idea. And a great example of how you can use embeds to improve your bath bombs.

Quite simply, we have a white cloud-shaped bath bomb with a selection of embeds lined up in rainbow order inside. Imagine!

The cloud bath bomb dissolves and eventually releases perfectly lined up rainbow colors into the bath.

These are quite tricky to make and I probably wouldn’t recommend them as a first attempt at adding embeds to bath bomb on a DIY basis, so for the meantime, the pictured examples are available on Amazon and make a great gift.

Bath Bombs with Embeds for Kids

OK, so the choice here in bath bombs for kids is endless. Working mainly on the toy inside concept, you can put literally anything inside that you know your could will be overjoyed with finding – Including their allowance in a plastic bag!

So a few ideas there of products listed on Amazon to give you some inspiration.

All based around the toy concept, but as mentioned you can use your imagination and, depending on the size of the bath bombs, you can embed whatever you want inside.

It doesn’t even have to push up the cost of making DIY Bath Bombs that much.

Personally, I think the allowance inside to encourage them to get in the bathtub is a great idea. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, or

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