7 Bath Bomb Molds Ideas (Free)

Whilst you can buy a huge range of inventive and exciting Bath Bomb Molds in-store or online. Did you know you already have a ton of free molds, most likely hanging around the house? These 7 ideas should mean your bath bomb molds are free!

What Can I use as a Bath Bomb Mold? – Your imagination is your only limitations here, from Ice cube trays to tennis balls, there is a variety of home found items you can use as mold or inexpensively purchase some ready-made molds. Here are 7 ideas for you to try

If you can’t find any of these items around the house, there is an excellent set of different sized bath bomb molds available on Amazon

Bath Bomb Mold Ideas

Why spend a fortune on funky and freaky bath bomb molds when you already have a load of them at your disposal.

You just haven’t thought of them yet.

This guide will get you started and then you can use your imagination to come up with easy, free and unique bath bomb mold ideas of your own when making you DIY bath bombs at home.

Measuring Cups for Simple Molds

Yeah, the very cups you may have used to measure out your bath bomb ingredients in the first place.

Simply pack your mixture in the cup, leave to settle for 24-48 hours. Patting down any expansion in that period and you have cup shaped bath bombs.

Ok maybe not idea for presents and gift sets, but great for personal use.

Cookie Cutter Bath Bomb Molds

You are seeing the possibilities now. Of course, you may not own any cookie cutters already, but often there are one or two heart or star-shaped cutters way down in the back of a drawer somewhere.

These are great as they come in a great range of shapes and sizes.

Simply press your bath bomb mix into the cutter on top of some grease-proof paper, fill to the top, press down, leave to stand for 24-48 hours, and hey presto, your bath bombs are created.

Who said bath bombs had to be spherical?

Muffin/Cake Tin Bath Bombs

You read the cookie cutter headline, and are ahead of me already right? You’ve already thought of this now haven’t you?

The great thing here is you can use standard size tins, or if you want to make a great little gift use mini muffin tins, and collect them together to create little bags of joy – bath Bomb favour bags!!

Just be careful. I know your mini bath bombs will look so good, you might mistake them for muffins!

Ice Cube Trays make great Bath Bomb Molds

How many ice cubes does your ice cube tray make? That’s how many you can make in one go.

These little bath bombs, can be used as bath melts, and again, like the mini muffin tins above, used for little gift bags or boxes on special occasions.

This has just given me an idea for another one!

Bath Bomb Lollipops!

Remember as a kid, summertime, making your own ice lollies with those molds that are still in the back of the cupboard somewhere.

Ice Lolly Themed Bath bombs are great, especially if you are making for craft, or as a special treat for someone.

Simply take your ice lolly mold, add your mixture (don’t forget to grease so they are easy to remove) and thrown in a lolly stick.

BOOM! Summer is here with Bath Bomb Lollys!

Tennis Ball Bath Bomb Molds

Have you got a tennis ball hanging around at home? How perfect!

Go grab it, cut it carefully in half, and you have a perfect sized bath bomb mold.

I know what you are thinking!, You have a friend who plays tennis, and now you are going to get creative with some yellow colour and a little paint and create some tennis ball bath bombs – Go You!

Game set and match for this cheap bath bomb mold idea.

Egg Cup Bath Bomb Molds

Egg Cups generally come in exactly half egg size. Simply pop one egg cup on top of another, and you have eggy shaped bath bombs.

Perfect for presenting in Egg boxes as Easter gifts!

When it comes to bath bomb gift set ideas, this is a cracker! I won’t do any eggcellent jokes. It would be a yoke too far!

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