Bath Bomb Recipe without Cornstarch

Whatever your reason, this is an easy, no-fail, bath bomb recipe without cornstarch – Get ready to enjoy the fizz.

Whilst cornstarch adds hardening properties and a silky finish, it is possible to create a bath bomb without. What you will get is a lot of extra fizz!

What does Cornstarch do in Bath Bombs? – Cornstarch in bath bombs binds with the citric acid and baking soda to make the mix less volatile and slows down the chemical reaction to produce a slower and steady fizz when added to water. It also holds the scent from oils and assists the hardening process.


Not a huge amount of ingredients here, a bath bomb without cornstarch is one of the easiest you can make. Just be careful not to add too much water in this mix and do so slowly if required.


Step 1

Take your dry ingredients and mix them really well together in a bowl. The more time you take over this step, the better the mix will be, so don’t cut any corners. It doesnt matter of you add the baking soda to the citric acid or the other way round.

An alterntive is you dont have any citric acid would be to use cream of tartar as a complete replacement or create a citric acid and cream of tartar mix.

The benfit of introcucing cream of tartar to this mix is the lowering of the acidity that without the cornstarch will make the mix a little more volatile.

Step 2

Mix your coconut oil and essential oils together and add to the dried ingredients. If you don’t have coconut oil or want to use and alternative, any light oil working as a carrier for the essential oils will do.

Step 3

Mix thoroughly to get as even mix as humanley possibly. You’ve quite a lot of essential oil in this mix, so you are not going to need much water at all.

When adding any water to this mix, remember that the cornstarch stabilizer is not there, so it is recommended to use a spray bottle and add from a distance and very slowly as required to get you mix to stick.

Step 4

When the mix is perfect and ready to apply to your molds get going! Press in as much mixture into the mold as you can, and just when you think you have, try to get a bit more in and compress. You’ll need to leave these guys in the molds for a good 30-45 minutes before tapping out and leaving for 24-48 hours to harden

Again, with no cornstarch in the mix, these will harden a bit slower.

Step 5

If you are keeping these for yourself, use them within a couple of months, if you are looking to sell them, or give as gifts, you might want some bath bomb wrapping ideas.

Providing a decorative presentation wrap can add value for your sales or make them look extra special for that extra special person you are giving them too.

Bath Bombs Without Cornstarch.

Whilst you would normally want to include cornstarch in your DIY bath bomb recipes, this one doesn’t and it will work without, however, this is what cornstarch does when used in bath bombs.

The cornstarch will slow down the reaction between the baking soda and citric acid. The reaction that creates the fizzing action. You will notice that bath bombs made without cornstarch may fizz faster and more furiously than without.

So what you will find without cornstarch is that the fizzing action will be faster. the bath bomb will dissolve more quickly.

It also has a fine finish to the powder, this holds the mix together and produces a softer and silkier finish to the fried bath bomb. It helps with the hardening process as you would expect from a starch, so expect your bath bomb without cornstarch to take that extra bit of time to set.

Why Do Bath Bombs without Cornstarch Fizz Much More?

Because of the properties of cornstarch, it contains and coats the ctric acid and baking soda, a bit like a prtective coating. This dampens the reaction between the two chemicals, so that the fizz is moderated.

If you want maximum fizz in your bath bomb then creating without cornstarch is recommended. Just be aware that the cornstarch slows the reaction both in the bath, and any potential in the mixing process. So be careful with slowly adding water when making these bath bombs. You don’t want the mixture going off before you’ve got it in the molds.

My Bath Bomb without Cornstarch Doesn’t Fizz as Much as I Expected

Whilst the removal of cornstarch should prouce more of a fizz, there is a still a chance the reaction can be supressed if too much oil has been added to the mix.

If you have followed the ingredients and instructions on this page closely, it may be your essential oil causing the lower fizz.

Try again and use less oil. An alternative recipe mix as above would be to adjust everything to 2 parts baking soda 1.5 parts citric acid. Make the adjustment through the recipe like so

  • 1 Cup Baking Soda
  • 3/4 Cup Citric Acid
  • 1/3 Coconut Oil
  • 10 drops Essential oil

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The color of your bath bomb is up to you. The obvious choice is to match the color to the essential oil aroma you are using, but you can always mix things up a little.

The other thing to think of, is where you want to store your bath bomb or what you might wrap it in. The color doesnt have to match the smell.

It could be chosen to match the color scheme of your bathroom, or have some contrast to the type of wrapping your are going to use.

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Full Instructions for the Perfect DIY Bath Bomb without Cornstarch



  1. Mix the dry ingredients together with a spoon or whisk until they become one
  2. Add the coconut oil and essential oil
  3. Add water slowly and mix quickly to avoid fizzing until the mixture sticks
  4. When the mixture holds together it is ready for the molds
  5. Press as much mixture into the mold as you can and compress as much in as possible
  6. Leave in the mold for 10mins – 1 hour
  7. Remove from mold, stand on absorbant paper for at least 24 hours
  8. Use in the bath, or wrap as a gift or for sale

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