Bath Bomb vs Shower Bomb | 5 Reasons Why they are Different

The difference between shower bombs and bath bombs may not be obvious at first discovery, so here I will work through the difference between shower bombs and bath bombs and what the best use is. You can then decide if you want to use a bath bomb or a shower bomb for your next Spa treat at home

Are Bath Bombs and Shower Bombs The Same?

Bath Bombs and Shower Bombs are both enjoyable products to be used in the bathroom but are not the same for a number of reasons. These include the ingredients, the amount of oil used, and of less obvious, the shape.

1. Bath Bombs and Shower Fizzies use Different Ingredients

That is after you take the Baking Soda and Citric Acid out of the equation.

You will still see a ratio of 2 parts baking soda to 1 part citric acid as the base ingredients, to produce the chemical reaction when water is introduced to both ‘fizz’ and release the essential oils contained in the product.

The concentration of essential oils used will differ as well, and I will take a look at this in more detail below.

2. Oils are Used in a Different Way

Bath Bombs and shower bombs use oils in a different way.

In a bath bomb, the oils are used in moderation as direct contact with the skin can be irritating if too much oil is used, In a shower fizzy, the essential oils are released into the air for its aromatic qualities and thus do not come into direct contact with the skin in the same volume.

Carrier oils are used in bath bombs to help include the essential oils but also play a part in helping the mixture stick together well, when placing into molds, to hold the shape when removed.

The main job of a shower bomb is to release a greater concentration of essential oils and the associated aromas to enhance the spa like feel of the shower time experience.

Essential oils in shower fizzies are lighter and concentrated scents and they are much less slippery. Pretty important when taking a shower.

A greasy, oily shower base is not a good recipe for a relaxing shower experience if you are trying to keep your feet and prevent yourself from taking a nasty tumble in the shower. In any case, a fall in a slippery shower will hurt and in most cases is a dangerous scenario.

3. Shower Bombs are not Spherical in Shape and are Smaller

The vast majority of bath bombs are as you think of them when mentioned. Spherical, cartoon style bomb shapes. Shower fizzies do not need to be this uniformed sphere. Indeed a ball shaped shower fizzy will be both

How long do Shower Bombs last?

Bath or ShowerIn UseIn Storage
Shower Bomb1-2 Showers6 Months
Bath Bomb6-8 Minutes6 Months

Bath bombs can be quite big and take quite some time to dissolve whilst totally submerged in the bathwater.

For the most commonly sized bath bomb, 6-8 minutes are required whilst submerged in the water for them to completely dissolve. Shower steamers should last for your entire shower, and could even stretch to 2 showers

You will want a shower steamer to be able to dissolve and release those beautiful scents in a far quicker time. On this basis, they can be a fraction of the size, [about a 1/4 of the size is just right]

4. Shower Bombs are Cheaper to Use than Bath Bombs

Because of the difference in size you will get more bomb for your bucks.

Using the quarter of the size example above, and bearing in mind if you are making your own shower fizzies, you will using a comparable set of ingredients and thus cost, you will be able to enjoy 4 shower bombs for the same cost as bath bombs.

Not to mention the fact that a shower will use far less water than a bath, so you can incorporate both water and heating costs into the equation too!

5. Placement

Place your shower fizzy in an area that avoids the direct stream of the water from the showerhead. It should however receive water from splashing to activate the ingredients which release the aromas you want to achieve whilst showering.

If you place the shower steamer in the direct stream of the water, it react and dissolve too quickly. there are two negative benefits to this.

  1. The fizzy will dissolve and disappear too quickly
  2. The essential oils will be released much quicker and in strong bombs, this could be too overpowering.

I Called a Shower Bomb a Shower Fizzy. Are they Different?

Shower bombs is sometimes used, although there are many different names used for this product, which all amount to the same thing

  • Shower Bomb
  • Shower Fizzy
  • Shower Steamer
  • Shower Melt
  • Shower Soother

Each of these names is used to define the same basic product although makers will claim a distinct difference between them. I will impart some of these reasons collated from the different manufacturers I have found, so you can see how similar they are.

Can I Use a Shower Bomb as a Bath Bomb?

In all cases, you should be certain of which ingredients have been used before using a shower bomb in the bath, and not use too many given they are generally smaller than a traditional bath bomb.

Check the Ingredients Mix

Shower bombs will use essential oils in greater concentration than in bath bombs, and for this reason, examples like this may be irritating to your skin if taking a long bath with them.

It is possible to use a shower bomb in the bath but you should first check and be sure of what the ingredients are.

Use Less Shower Bombs in the Bath

If you have run out of bath bombs and really want that spa bath experience but only have shower bombs, do not be tempted to add several shower bombs to match the weigh volume of a bath bomb.

Using several shower bombs would increase the level of essential oils in your bathtub and potentially cause issues

Can I use a Bath Bomb in the Shower?

There is a couple of reasons that bath bombs are not ideal for use in the shower. These include the oils used can make the shower slippery, the lesser concentration of essential oils, will provide a disappointing aroma strength, and they are so parge as to require a really long shower to get full use.

Using a bath bomb in a shower will not provide the same value as using a dedicated shower steamer whilst showering.

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