13 Bath Bombs for Christmas Gifts

Christmas is coming. It’s time to think about all the gifts you want to buy for friends, family and yourself. What better gift than a bath bomb? Bath bombs are a great way to unwind after a long day of work or school. They’re also great gifts because they can be customized with your favorite scents and colors! In this blog post, I’ll share my 13 best Christmas bath bombs that will make perfect stocking stuffers. You’ll find fun bath bombs like Unicorn Farts (yes, it’s as magical as it sounds), sweet-smelling lavender ones, and more surprises inside!

Bath bombs make great Christmas gifts. They are inexpensive and they make an excellent filler for stockings during the holiday season. And because there is a bath bomb for every personality, everyone can find one that’s perfect!

Let’s take a look at 13 Bath Bombs (12 days of Christmas and an extra 1 for you of course!) that are perfect gift ideas.

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  • For Him
  • For Kids
  • Novelty
  • For You!
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Bath Bombs for Her for Christmas

What is the perfect holiday gift for her? Look no further than a bath bomb. Bath bombs are relaxing and fun, but they also make the best Christmas gifts because they’re affordable and easy to use! If you want to get your girlfriend, mom, sister or friend an amazing Christmas present that she’ll love then check out this blog post for some great ideas on what’s new in the world of bath bombs.

The best bath bomb gifts for her this Christmas are the ones that make her feel pampered. I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 bath bomb gift ideas that will leave any woman feeling relaxed and happy this holiday season.

1. Bath Bomb, Soap, Salts and Candle Collection

I am cheating a little with this one as it is Christmas and she deserves spoiling. Here we have a luxurious gift set that includes a bath bomb. So not only will you be a hero for thinking of a bath bomb for Christmas but you will also have been as thoughful as to consider Bath Salts, some soap and a candle. What lady in your life do you know that doesn;t love a candle!

Artisanal Spa Collection | Apothecary Candle, Shea Butter Soap, Bath Bomb, Mineral Salt Bath Soak | Handcrafted with Organic Ingredients (Pomelo Citrus)

2. Spa Bath Set

Unique Calming & Relaxing Bath Combination: Panspace Bath Bomb Gift Set including 4 bath bombs and 2 scented candles,1 dried rose petals , each with different colors and long-lasting fragrances, make bath time calming and enjoyable.

Spa bath bomb set with candles

3. Luxury Bath Pillow

You’ve already got the perfect bath bomb gift ideas above to be a hero, so how about becoming a super-hero with this amazing bath pillow. Finishes the job perfectly.

Set up the ultimate bath experience with the luxury, 2 in 1 pillow. The back cushion is filled with soft foam and supported by an ergonomic design to cradle your back while you recline in your standard tub. Add the headrest for additional support so you can lay down or just rest your weary head. Our pillows are also machine washable!

Luxury bath pillow for total bath time relaxation

Everlasting Comfort Bathtub Bath Pillow – Jacuzzi Bathtub Spa Pillow with Back and Headrest Cushion – 4 Non Slip Suction Cups

See Price on Amazon

OK, time to move onto the fellas. Think men don’t like bath bombs? You are wrong, the most visited page on BathBombGuide is actually bath bombs for men! Who would have ever thought that possible? Not me but go check it out for a larger selection, whilst below, I look at three options for Christmas

Bath Bombs for Him for Christmas

Do you need a gift idea for your husband, dad, brother? These are the best bath bomb Christmas gifts for him. The perfect way to show them how much they mean to you is with an indulgent and relaxing soak. And a bit of fun!!

4. Sporting Bath Bombs Gift Ideas

Are you wondering what to buy the man in the house, or even a gift for the sports fan – This range of sporting bath bombs is a perfect gift and covers a range of the most popular sports.

These have to be the ultimate gift idea for the golf-loving man in your family. Seriously, how many golf-based gifts have you bought, and now you’ve run out of ideas.

Search no more, bath bombs for golf fans are here

Click the images below to see the prices currently on Amazon
Golf Bath Bombs
basketball bath bombs

These bath bombs come in a range of sports-inspired scents, from golf, basketball, and baseball to soccer. Loved by athletes who like to wash up quickly after a game, these bombs offer the perfect scent for any occasion or decoration theme.

Bath bombs are made using sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) so your skin will smell amazing long after you take your bath. You’ll love how they make your water foam too! It’s science!

baseball bath bombs
soccer bath bombs

5. Naturals Selection for Him

Next up we have a selection of 6 bath bombs for men, presented as all natural with a range of ‘exciting’ scents and colors. OK, the color isn’t exciting, but we can build up these ‘flavors’.

I’m not personally a huge fan of cedarwood, but the ‘Masculinity’ with bergamot sounds awesome.

The one that leaves me scratching my head a little is the ‘Coffee’ bath bomb. I LUURVE Coffee, but I’m not so certain I want to spend 30 minutes up to my neck in it. Still, we will see.

This set of 6 bath bombs come in very reasonably too from Relaxcation


Bath Bomb Christmas Gifts for Kids

It’s that time of the year again! Christmas is right around the corner and we all know what that means – gift shopping. We’ve put together a list of great bath bomb gifts for kids to make your life a little bit easier this season.

6. Bath Bomb Making Kit

This kit has all the essentials to make bath bombs. All you need is a bath!

Bath bomb-making kits for kids at Christmas are perfect presents that allow them to take care of themselves as they soak in the tub. Whether or not you have your own little business on the side making these beauties, a thoughtful gift in time might be just what someone is looking for this holiday season; it’s always nice when their creative energy can benefit others instead of just staring blankly out the window watching snow fall from trees.

See Price on Amazon

The perfect gift to get your man feeling young and rejuvenated, but be careful with the packaging, it could cause offence.

7. Dinosaur Eggs Bath bombs

The boys (And some girls) might like this one. These bath bombs are designed as Dinosaur egss, and we know what that means. You’re gunna find a T-Rex inside.

So not only do the kids have fun in the bath with the bath bomb, but there is a toy to be played with long after the bath has finished.

Dinosaur egg bath bombs for kids, with toys and bath time fun

See price on Amazon

8. Silly Scents Lemonade Bath Bomb

Kids don’t love the bath but they do love bath bombs and lemonade!

And here we have the perfect combination of fun and fizz to get them to the bathroom and in the tub in no time!!

Lemonade bath bomb for kids, with Cherry version too

Novelty Bath Bombs for Christmas

We all know the holiday season is a time for giving, but what if your giftee has already gotten everything they want? Try one of these inventive novelty bath bombs. These are some of my favorite new products that are sure to make any present stand out from the rest.

9. Rainbow Bath Bombs

These are amazing bath bombs, and the picture gives a hint, as well as the name as to what you can expect from these.

A little cloud shaped bath bomb has rainbow colored embeds, so soon after entering the water a cascade of rainbow color will shoot out into the bath. Check the link below where you can see them on Amazon where this is also a video to watch what happens.

Rainbow Bath Bombs

See Price on Amazon

10. The Ultimate Novelty Bath Bomb Gift Idea – Grandpa Balls!

OK, so we have reached the pinnacle in novelty bath bomb gift ideas.

This is a perfect set of Root beer scented grandpa Balls to relax and soak in the bath with

See price on Amazon

See Price on Amazon

If there was ever a production brainstorming session I would have loved to have been at, it would be the one that came up with this idea. And uite how root beer was associated with grandpa’s balls I’ll never know. It will never be the same soft drink for me again.

Got a friend who needs a novelty gift they can ut to good use. get them some grandpa balls to sit in the bath with!

11. Bath Bombs for Hipsters

If there was ever a male grooming product gift idea for men, it has to be the hipster bath bomb gift set for men.

See price on Amazon

Gender-neutral, Lavender-scented, these yellow and purple bath bombs for men, are the perfect gift idea when you are stuck for ideas.

A Special bath Bomb Gift for Yourself!

I am so excited to share my favorite bath bomb gift for myself at christmas! I love the smell of lavender and vanilla, which is why this bath bomb is perfect for me. It smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling soft. This blog post will help you find your perfect Christmas present too so keep scrolling to learn more about it.

12. Your Own Bath Bombs

See Price on Amazon

13. Unicorn Farts Bath Bombs

So here it is then. The ultimate in Unicorn bath bomb gift, the Unicorn Fart Bath bombs coming ina set of two cotton candy fragranced bath bombs.

What else wold a Unicorn fart smell of?

You can find these Unicorn Fart bath bombs on Amazon

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