Bath Sheet vs Bath Towel | Egyptian or Turkish?

So many questions, so much time to answer. I take a look at the difference between bath sheet vs bath towel, and also investigate whether we should be looking at an Egyptian or Turkish angle. We are looking for total bath luxury here. So which way should we go? Let me help you find the best towel choice.

What is the difference between a bath sheet and a bath towel

Size! There we go. That’s the answer but was it the one you were looking for? No? Did you know that already right?

ProductSize [inches]
Guest Towel16×24″
Hand Towel24×39″
Bath Towel28×55″
Bath Sheet39×63

Of course, size is the difference, but what will be the difference for you when it comes to using either.

There is no denying the pure exorbitant luxury of using a bath sheet after bath rather than a bath towel.

We already know we shouldn’t be rubbing ourselves with a bath towel to dry. Patting is far better for our skin. So How can a bath sheet help in that regard?

Grab a rich, luxurious bath sheet and wrap it around you. Go on. Do it! Go to your local store and try. You’ll see the difference immediately. You’ll not need to even pat dry. This thing is going to envelop you in its warming fluffiness and you’ll be dry in no time. no rubbing or patting required.

What is a Bath Sheet?

A bath sheet is quite simply a larger version of a bath towel. Around 39″ x 63″ to 40″ x 70″

It has a far larger surface area for drying, and in fact is better to wrap around yourself and absorb the water, rather than patting or rubbing dry.

Grab your huge fluffy bath sheet wrap it around you and go relax. In the time it takes to dry your hair, your body will be dried perfectly, simply by wrapping yourself in your bath sheet.

Similar in size to a beach towel a bath sheet is the ultimate luxurious end for your relaxing bath time.

What is a Bath Towel

A bath towel is a traditional towel sued after taking a bath. The clue is in the name. Generally around 31″ x 7″ in size

What is a bath sheet used for?

In most cases, a bath sheet is used for wrapping around yourself post-bath time to dry as you wander around or relax afterward. The superior size of the sheet allows you to dry without harsh rubbing of your skin, as the increased surface area of the sheet will absorb the water more efficiently than a smaller towel version.

Of course, another use for a bath sheet is to simply wrap it around yourself and lounge around for the rest of the evening before climbing into bed. LAZY!

What is the size of a bath sheet?

A bath sheet is generally around 35 x 60 inches, up to perhaps 40 x 70 inches depending on the manufacturer and where you source your sheet. For me the bigger the better. The more I have to wrap around myself the more luxurious I feel, especially with a brand new fluffy Egyptian or Turkish cotton bath sheet.

Towel Size Guide

This towel size guide provides the approximate sizes of the various towels you may have in your house.

ProductSize [inches]
Guest Towel16×24″
Hand Towel24×39″
Bath Towel28×55″
Bath Sheet39×63

Is a beach towel bigger than a bath sheet?

There is not a huge amount of difference between the two and no hard and fast size rules apply. Personally I like a large beach towel if I am buying one to cover as much of the sand as possible if lying directly on the shore. But smaller beach towels are cheaper and available.

The same goes for a bath sheet. if I want to buy a new one, I will search out the largest bath sheet I can find. Bigger is better in many things you know! ?

What size is a beach towel?

Standard beach towel size is around 48 x 58 inches up to maybe 54 x 70. vert similar to a bath sheet but squarer if you will.

What is the best bath sheet made of?

There are a number of textiles a bath sheet can be produced from. Without going into regional varieties of cotton such as Egyptian and Turkish, let’s look at the type of style

  • Combed Cottom
  • Microfibre
  • Waffle Weave cotton
  • Brushed Cotton
  • Turkish Cotton
  • Egyptian Cotton
  • Soft bamboo [Yes really!]
  • Organic Cotton

What makes a bath towel absorbent?

The absorbancy of a bath towel is purely down to the fabric used in the manufacturing process. Cottom is very absorbent, and modern microfibre towels even more so. The latter is also prone to drying very quickly too. The thicker the towel the more absorbent it will be too. For toal luxury go for an extra thick waffle weave Turkish cotton towel. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, or

Turkish v Egyptian Towels

The Bath Sheet vs Bath Towel battle continues and now we are down to a geographical stand-off.

This may come down to personal preference but there are some distinct differences between the two. The choice is more what they can do for you and the relative benefits of each. How that suits your taste is your decision.

Turkish Towel Benefits

  • Less absorbent, so dries quicker
  • Less absorbency means less chance of damp smells
  • They fold and pack really well if you are traveling with your towel

From an ecological standpoint, Turkish might be best, requiring less frequent washing thanks to its lesser absorbency and quicker drying properties.

Check the price of these luxury Turkish cotton towels on Amazon

Egyptian Towel Benefits

  • Super thick and luxurious
  • Great absorbency meaning you dry quicker, not the towel!

Keep in mind the additional absorbency of Egyptian towels. They will need washing more often to prevent the musky smell of a slow drying wet towel.

Check the current price of these Egyptian towels on Amazon

Is Egyptian Cotton worth it?

Let’s face it, we’ve seen the Egyptian cotton towels and wondered if they are worth all that money. Take into consideration the more frequent washing required and you could argue further added costs. Countering that they are going last much longer than a sub-standard towel and you gain value back in that sense in not having to replace them so frequently

Personal preference comes into play here. I have always been one for paying that little extra for the long term benefits. I am a little biased. it’s Egyptian all the way for me for the longevity and extra luxury.

Are Turkish Towels worth it?

Turkish towels are very much worth it. As long as it isn’t a rip off price. Shop around for the best price for your Turkish towels and you will find they are worth the effort and the cost. You may not have the luxury feel of the Egyptian but they are still very high standard and better than most.

They will also last, so do not need replacement so often and lesser products. And such is there lesser absorbancy, and therefore reduced washing frequency needs, you’ll save a bit on electricity and laundry products.

The answer is yes. Turkish towels are worth it. As long as ‘it’ is reasonable.

Whatever towel you choose to buy, enjoy them. Have a look around the site for more articles on the most luxurious bathtime. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, or

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