Bathroom Luxuries | Luxury doesn’t mean expensive.

Bathroom luxuries do not have to be out of reach. Some tips on what little extras can make your bathroom and bath time the most luxurious and relaxing time it can be. Bath time will never be the same again.

1. Favorite Soap Bar

The old fashioned bar of soap is back in fashion. Goodbye, hard lump of soap leaving your skin taught and dry. With streams of scientific formula improvements, you can buy a range of soap bars to suit not only your skin type but your mood.

Soothe your skin. Buff Your Body or just wash those hands. Gels, liquids, and bubbles are so yesterday. Grab one of these bars and rediscover how luxurious a bath can be with a bar.

2. Luxury Towels

I never stop going on about towels and with good reason. If you are going to spend money on one item in your bathroom, make it the towels.

A great bath is only as good as the last few minutes, which is usually spent, either wrapping a bath sheet around yourself or drying off.

Don’t forget, no rubbing with that towel, Just pat dry!!

An old, well-worn, well-washed towel is not going to match the relaxation of the bath itself. Crunchy towels, threadbare towels with no absorbancy. Bin them!

You only have to spend an extra 50% on a good towel set and they will last longer and extend your luxury bath time beyond sitting in the tub

3. Good Lighting

That bright white LED on the ceiling is not cutting it when it comes to showing off your luxury bathroom. Neither does it set the mood for a luxury bath time experience.

Switch it off, switch it for a controllable RGB LED or Grab some cheap LED strips and strategically place them.

With color-changing LED strips or bulbs, you can choose your color for your mood. Easily controlled on your phone, you can even change the mood whilst still in the bath – Don’t drop the phone!!!

4. Great Candles

Several ways to use candles. Grab your favorite scented candle, to complement the mood or your bath products.

Or go down the multiple tea-lights scattered around the room for a luxury spa effect.

Candles can be used on their own to light your bathroom, but can also complement your mood lighting, especially if you have matching colored candles.

Make sure they are safely placed in your bathroom, light them up and relax in total luxury.

As bathroom luxuries go, candles can be cheap and effective.

5. New Bathroom Rug

One of the essential bathroom luxuries. Whether you have floor tiles, a wooden bathroom floor or carpet, you can not beat a brand new fresh bathroom rug.

Stepping out onto tiles, or wood when its a bit chilly is not nice, and you know how carpets get in bathrooms after a while.

Just where your feet land when you leave the bath, you should place a fresh new, deep rug.

It doesn’t have to be huge or expensive, just fresh and fluffy for your feet. You’ll not want to move once your toes sink into that post bath fluffiness.

6. Plants and Flowers

There are many plants that thrive in humid atmospheres, indeed some of the most beautiful greenery you’ll ever find, live in these conditions and help purify the air. So let’s get thinking about adding a little tropical touch.

QUICK WARNING: Don’t go fake – they get dirty, dusty and don’t like humidity! They don’t look good for long.

Spider plants and Bamboo are popular and take up little room if space is an issue.

Larger bathrooms could accommodate an orchid or perhaps a small Aloe Vera in a pot. Other options can include, a Boston Fern or a Peace Lily, both of which can grow at a rate.

Want to add some beautiful flowers to your greenery? Do it in one. You may be surprised to learn an Azalea will love living in your bathroom. White, pink, purple, red, there is a good chance they will match your luxury bathroom color scheme too!

7. Bathroom Mirror TV

OK, this is where bathroom luxuries get serious. Many years ago I was at a house and notice the mirror TV in the wall at the bottom of the bath. I was thinking, How much money have these people got?

As it turned out, not much, but they loved watching TV in the bath, and it didn’t really cost very much at all.

It operates as a normal mirror until switched on at which point, you can lie back and watch your favorite shows while soaking in the bath. Now that’s bathroom luxury.

8. Heated Bathroom Floor

Underfloor heating in your bathroom is not as expensive as you think, and can actually add value to your home when it comes to putting it on the market.

The bathroom in years gone by was just a functional place to freshen up, but these days is part and parcel of the package of life. A sanctuary for a little me time. To get you off to a good start in the morning, and the perfect end to a long day.

Consider spending a little on yourself and warm those tiles, and that rug for a special feel when you tiptoe out of the bath!.

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