7 Best Bath Bomb Maker Kits to get you Started

Looking for the perfect bath bomb maker? I have compiled a list of the best bath bomb maker kits for adults and kids alike, so you can find the one that is perfect for you. Bath bombs are a great way to relax after a long day, and with so many different makers to choose from, you are sure to find the right one for you.

These bath bombs maker kits really are novelty and starter kits, mostly for kids. Generally, they are not ‘refillable’ and can be used just once to make up to 20 bath bombs.

Please see the How to make a bath bomb section for information on DIY Bath Bomb making tips, or The Making Bath Bombs for a business guide.

Here are the 7 Best Bath Bomb Makers to get started

These 7 products are all designed to be fun bath bomb maker kits, primarily aimed at children, but also a couple of more grown-up ideas to give you a steer as to whether you would like to try making bath bombs for yourself.

They are great as a disposable kit to have a go before committing to buying the full range of products to make bath bombs at home.

The first 2 bath bomb maker kits are not aimed at children but can be used by kids and adults alike, whereas the final 5 in the list are more based around Kids gifts and hobby ideas.

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1. Bath Bomb Kit

Looking to enjoy some natural and GMO-free aromatherapy? This Bath Bomb Kit from DIY Gift Kits comes with everything you need to make your own lavender, lemon, eucalyptus and grapefruit bath bombs. Made with only 100% pure essential oils scents, the kit includes all the ingredients you need – plus a set of cupcake bath bomb mold liners, naturally calming epsom salts and more to allow you to perfectly deliver the bath bomb recipe and fizz.

2. Bath Bomb Making Kit – ALEXES Natural Bath Bomb Making Kit

A Scented bath bomb are a fun way to relax and unwind at the end of a long day. They’re also great for relieving stress, muscle aches, and inflammation. The ALEXES DIY Bath Bomb Kit is here to help you develop your own unique bath bomb recipes.

The kit includes all necessary ingredients for making up to 20 bath bombs: baking soda, Epsom salt, citric acid, cornstarch, mica powder, as well as the liquid ones – polysorbate 80, peach kernel oil, lavender essential oil and colorants.

Just follow the simple instructions and you’ll be making brilliant bath bombs for yourself to enjoy, and more still to give away as gifts!

3. Soap & Bath Bomb Making Kit for Kids

Create 10 soaps, 10 bath bombs, and salt scrubs with this complete kit.

This is the ultimate bath bomb and soap maker kit for kids for making bath bombs and soap bars at home. This kit has everything you need to make your own bath bombs or soap bars from scratch! Now you can have tons of fun making bath bombs and more at home. The Bath Bomb & Soap Maker Kit includes:

Ingredients: Citric acid, baking soda, Epsom salt, crystallized sea salt, 4 liquid colorings, 2 fragrances, baby oil, 8 soap wax blocks, glitter.

Tools: 3 teaspoons, 4 beakers, 10 pop sticks, pipette, 8 single-sided molds, ball mold, wooden spa spoon, salt scrub jar, surprise charms, gift bag, and stickers, learning guide.

4. Just My Style Bath Bomb Maker by Horizon Group USA

Looking to add a little pizazz to your bath time? The Bath Bomb Maker kit includes everything you need to create 5 colorful, shimmery and scented bath bombs all your own.

Mix up different fun colors and fragrances, layer them for a multicolored effect or keep it simple with shimmery single colored bath bombs – the possibilities are endless!

The easy-to-use Bath Bomb Maker makes it a breeze to mix simple ingredients together and mold the perfect sparkling bath bomb.

So grab your friends, jump in the tub and get creative with your Bath Bomb Maker.

5. JOYIN Bath Bomb, Soap Making Kit for Kids

Bath Bomb and Soap Maker Kit

This bath bomb and soap maker kit includes everything you need for DIY bath bombs and soap.

It includes citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, epsom salt, liquid colorings, fragrances, baby oil, soap wax blocks, glitter, surprise charms.

It comes with multiple tools including 12 single-sided soap molds 2 bath bomb ball mold 3 teaspoons 4 beakers 10 pop sticks pipette wooden spa spoon gift bag instruction. This kit creates real science fun for kids.

The perfect gift set for the little scientist in the family.

6. Alex Spa DIY Bath Bomb Donuts Kids Bath Bomb Soap Kit

Donut Bath Bomb maker Kit is a complete kit that makes 6 donut shaped bath bombs.

The kit includes Donut Shape Mold, Chemicals, Epsom Salt, Food Coloring, Confetti, Fragrance Cardboard Spoon Instructions. Recommended for children 6 years of age and older.

Make your own bath bomb mix with the Bath Bomb and Soap Maker Kit! This set comes with everything you need to make six fizzy fun shapes bath bombs with step by step instructions- just add water! You can even customize them by adding colors.

7. Cra-Z-Art Shimmer and Sparkle Spa Creations Ultimate Bath Bomb Maker

Everything you need to make 20 super bath bombs with this Shimmer and sparkle bath bomb maker at home, with your own colors and smells.

How to Use:

1. Measure out the ingredients and follow the instructions in the kit and mix in a bowl.

2. Add your secret surprise inside, then pour the mixture into the mold. Let dry overnight before popping bath bomb out of mold. Enjoy!

3. The best way to enjoy your batch of bath bombs is by dropping it into a warm running bath or hot tub for a soothing, relaxing experience that will leave you feeling fresh and clean!

Kids Love Bath Bomb Makers

Perhaps the kids have spotted bath bomb brands in the mall, and the prohibitive cost of in excess of $10 each makes it a bit tricky to fulfill their desire as often as they want.

What better then, than a bath bomb maker of their very own, where they can make, their own trendy bath bombs quickly, creating fruity smelling bath bombs, with all the ingredients, and included instruction booklet, to make this as easy as possible.

All they have to do is mix included ingredients, follow the instructions and they can make a perfect sparkling bath bomb using all the supplies included in the maker kit.

Colorful bath bombs are just a few steps away as the bath bomb maker makes fragrance filled bath bombs full of color thanks to the colorful mica powders

Are Bath Bomb Makers Worth It?

This style of bath bomb maker is more toy-based for the kids favorite bath treat, than a serious hobby craft solution to create a bath bomb mixture, mix colorful mica powders for appearance and oils for fragrance.

They are great as gifts for kids to make a range of bath bombs, or to try out as a bath bomb maker before investing in bulk materials that can add up quickly to make more professional and finished products.

How Many Bath Bombs will a Bath Bomb Maker Make?

These bath bomb maker kits will make up to 20 units depending on the size of the pack.

With any luck, you’ll create perfect bath bombs, but expect 1 or 2 to go a little astray in the beginning.

Following the instructions closely should be easy as each ingredient is supplied in the right quantity to go with all the others, so as long as not too much water is added, all the world can be easily completed to make as many as you can against the pack expectation.

How do You Use a Bath Bomb Maker?

Each bath bomb maker on this page will have different instructions based on the themes of mixing together all of the dry ingredients, and then the liquid ones, before putting it all together, adding to a mold, providing some drying time and a little patience.

You should have some perfect bath bombs from these makers within 24-48 hours and much more bath time fun for the kids after.


Bath bomb makers are a great way to make bath bombs for kids or adults. Bath bombs can be expensive, so these kits give you everything you need in one box at an affordable price. Bath bomb maker instructions will vary from kit to kit, but the steps are generally pretty simple.

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