Best Bath Bombs | 15 Different Lists

Do you want to know what the Best Bath Bombs are?

Of course you do, but advising on the best bath bombs is going to be very subjective and after all, a personal choice. So what I thought I would so in this section is provide a list of the Best Bath Bomb by category.

Lush Bath Bombs
Lush Bath Bombs

Each section will have a dedicated page, so you can narrow down your search. Find reviews and information on the best bath bombs for specifically what you are looking for.

This could be

  • Best Bath Bombs by Fragrance.
  • Best Bath Bombs by Colour.
  • Best Bath Bombs by Shape.
  • Best Bath Bombs for Skin Types.
  • Best Bath Bombs for Relaxation.
  • Best Bath Bombs by Season.
  • Best Bath Bombs for Women.
  • Best Bath Bombs for Men.
  • Best Bath Bombs for Couples.
  • Best Bath Bombs for Kids.
  • Best Bath Bombs to Make Yourself.
  • Best Bath Bombs by Year.
  • Best Bath Bombs by Manufacturer.
  • Best Bath Bombs by added/special ingredients

Each of the items in the list above will contain a link when the list is complete.

I am working on each of the lists at present to ensure I have the most up-to-date and accurate information. If a link isn’t live right now the list isn’t complete. please come back and check regularly for updates.

Happy Bath Bombing! xxx

Best Bath Bomb by Frangrance.

This is quite a big category. The combinations and choice of bath bomb fragrance are longer than would be possible to present in a single post. This list may end up being cut into subcategories. We will see.

I will begin with a single list and see how it develops from feedback and opinion. Maybe as the section builds we will find multiple fragrance categories. Best Bath Bomb by a fragrance with sections for sweet, flowery, heavy, light, weird, herbal, oh I could go on and on.

Best Bath Bomb by Colour

This category is going to be very personal depending on how you decide on your bath bomb color choice.

Do you choose a fragrance first and accept whatever color?  Or do you decide on your bath bomb because you have a favorite color you like your water to be when you sink in?

Perhaps there is a perfect combination that not only suits your taste but matches your bathroom for the perfect ambiance for relaxation.

Unicorn Poo Bath Bomb
Unicorn Poo! You can’t stop progress!

Best Bath Bomb by Shape

Do you not like to stray from the traditional spherical bath bomb?

Here we look at the various designs now available as bath bomb creation gets ever more inventive.

Which shapes seem to work best? Is one shape better for fizz than another?

Whatever your favorite bath bomb design, I will try to cover as many possibilities in terms of popularity, and see which one comes out on top.

Best Bath Bombs for Skin Types

The Bath Bomb was originally created for sensitive skin as an alternative to bath products with detergents that could often irritate.

But can we buy bath bombs for different skin type, and what should we look out for?

Cocoa Butter Bath Bomb
Silky Buttery Skin from Cocoa Butter Bath Bombs

Best Bath Bombs for Relaxation.

Enjoying a bath bomb is all about relaxation.  I look into the various oils and elements that have drawn upon aromatherapy techniques to provide a specific healing experience.

Whether you have a stressful day and want to unwind, or maybe you have tension for another reason. There is a bath bomb for every occasion.

Maybe try a bath bomb with herbal ingredients to relieve other symptoms and improve your general well-being.

Or just choose one with properties to make you feel great when you simply want some ‘me-time’

Best Bath Bombs by Season.

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter a bath bomb for all seasons.

Maybe you want some mistletoe and frankincense for the festive period, or honeysuckle and rose in spring.

I’ve taken a look at which bath bombs might best suit the particular time of year. Enhance that Summer well-being or warm your cockles on a chilly Autumn evening.

Rose and Lavender Best Bath Bombs
Succulently scented relaxation at your fingertips

Best Bath Bombs for Women.

Come on! It’s going to be all of them right?

Well maybe not. We’ve taken the girliest, sweetest, most fun bath bombs that make you feel happy, great and special.

Something for the weekend, or that midweek wind down after work. Leaving beautiful scents to climb into fresh clean sheets at bedtime, as relaxed as you could ever be

Best Bath Bombs for Men.

Yeah! The guys like a bomb too. Don’t let them tell you any different.

Which bath bombs are best for men? I’ve taken a look at some very special bath bombs that a guy can chuck in the bath, follow in and enjoy just as much as a beer.

Alright. OK. Maybe not a beer, but if you are looking for a teat for your man, or you are guy checking these out for yourself. Consider this list of bath bombs to make you feel A-OK

Best Bath Bombs for Couples.

Oh yes! There are bath bombs for couples. Whether you have to toss a coin for the tap end or you are fortunate enough to have a bath big enough for two there is a range of bath bombs that suit couples.

There are even some bath bombs specially designed with hidden suggestions inside. Your bath bomb couples experience may last a little longer than just bath time!

Best Bath Bombs for Kids.

Kids absolutely love bath bombs. For the kids that you may struggle with getting to the bath, these bombs are guaranteed to draw them in.

Fun, colorful, fantastic shapes and designs, you will have trouble keeping your little ones out of the bathroom when you introduce these to bath time

Best Bath Bombs to Make Yourself.

Excuse the pun but DIY bath Bombs have exploded, with many people looking to create their own bath bombs.

There may be various reasons. Cheaper bath bombs. Specific creations not available in retail. Craft and cottage industry business. Or just love playing, creating and enjoying the fruits [and herbs] of your own handmade creations

I’ve taken a look at some of the best, weird, and wonderful homemade creations that have been shared. I’ve found some possible inspiration for your own homemade bath bomb experiments.

Bath bomb in water
A normal Bath Bomb will completely dissolve in about 5 minutes

Best Bath Bombs by Year.

I hope you enjoy this section. Probably the toughest of all the “best bath bombs’ section to complete. I have had to beg, steal and borrow information. I’ve have had some fantastic help, for which I have had to be very sweet and ask nicely.

If this section is not live as yet, please do come back. I guarantee you will love it.

Best Bath Bombs by Manufacturer.

The main bath bomb manufacturers are all covered, from LUSH, Bomb Cosmetics, PURENJOY and beyond. We may even delve into some favorite homemade bath bomb creators too.

If you make and sell your own bath bombs from home, get in touch, we can have a chat. We may even be able to list your bath bombs.

Best Bath Bomb Fragrance
release aromas for a relaxing bath

Best Bath Bombs by added/special ingredients

It’s great to find something new and unique. This bath bomb list will be about the quirky, surprising, and downright most amazing bath bombs I have found.

From special surprises, superior color combos, and unusual fragrances. The best bath bombs by special ingredients are going to be a pandora’s box of bath bomb wonderment.

Enjoy this section, I am looking to advise on readily available special bath bombs, not those that are out of reach.

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A Few Essentials and My Favorite Things

Because there are so many places to find and so much information to go through on-site, I thought I would bring a few of the most popular items from the site, and my favorite products all in one place so you can check them out easily.

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Bath Bombs for Men

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My Favourite Bath Bombs

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