How Much Does it Cost to Make Home Made Bath Bombs?

Maybe you love buying Lush Bath Bombs but have realized that, just 2 x $8 BB per week is racking up to $60 a month on your favorite bath-time treat. And the thought has occurred to you, surely I can make them cheaper. How much does it even cost to make a bath bomb?

A small batch of bath bombs using a basic DIY recipe dry ingredients will cost between $0.50 each for a 4oz bath bomb or $1 each for a 2oz bath bomb. Buying the ingredients cheaper in bulk can reduce this cost by up to 50%

IngredientPer ozQuantityCost
Baking Soda$0.198$1.52
Citric Acid$0.254$1.00
Epsom Salt$0.104$0.40
10 x 2oz$0.50 each
5 x 4oz$1.00 ech
These ingredients will make 5 x 4oz Bath Bombs, or 10 x 2oz

A single bath bomb will cost around $1 to make at home making small batches of 10 or so. The cost will lower by buying ingredients in bulk and you may be able to halve that figure to $0.50 in that way.

You’ll often see this recipe bandied about DIY bath bomb websites, stating it will give you 12 bath bombs – That is total nonsense. You’ve only 20oz of ingredients!!

If you want a decent-sized bath bomb of 4 or 5oz, something comparable with the Lush bath bombs you may be trying to replace, you’ll make 4 or 5 out of this bath bomb mixture.

Make them half as big and you’ll get 10 x small ones. Making them at home for $1 against the $8-10 for Lush product, you can go as big as you like.

Prepare by having the right-sized bath bomb molds to hand. I would suggest going the small route, to begin with. It will give you more options to experiment with

Can I Make Bath Bombs Cheap and Sell Them?

If you want to make bath bombs for $1 each and then sell them for a profit, you’ll be creating a bath products business.

You should seek advice from the How to start a bath bomb business guide for more information and to understand how to scale your purchasing, as well the rules and regulations that need to be considered.

Bath bombs are sometimes considered cosmetics and there are specific regulations attached to producing and selling them.

How much do Lush Bath Bombs Cost to Make?

I can only speculate as to the cost of Lush quality bath bombs, but it is safe to say it is not as much as it costs you to make a bath bomb recipe at home!

Let’s suggest they can buy ingredients in considerable bulk and even quarter the cost that we can buy at, that takes the cost of a bath bomb down to $0.25 – but now consider the cost of the infrastructure for the business. the manufacturing premises, the cost of the retails premises, and then all the staff, only scratches the surface of the costs.

I would estimate the cost of a single Lush Bath Bomb ingredients to be less than $0.25 each .

I would estimate the cost of production of a single Lush Bath Bomb to be close to $2 each, meaning you can make bath bombs cheaper than Lush, quite literally!

What is the Cheapest Ingredient in Bath Bombs?

The cheapest ingredient in bath bombs will be the water. It comes out of the taps and when used as a few drops the cost is negligible. Sometimes in humid climates, witch hazel is used but this is still very cheap.

The reason witch hazel is used instead of water sometimes, is in cases of high humidity when the introduction of less water to bind the mixture is required, so as not to start the chemical reaction between the baking soda and citric acid. Food coloring can get things going too, if not added at the right time.

It is also possible to make bath bombs without citric acid as a solution to high humidity problems with your wet ingredients.

Another solution is to use a dehumidifier for bath bomb making, which helps dry the air and create a more stable enviroment for mixing the ingredients.

The essential oils will need a carrier like coconut oil, but this is relatively inexpensive for the amount that is used.

What is the most expensive Ingredient in Bath Bombs?

The most expensive ingredient in homemade bath bombs [by volume] will be the essential oils. Other optional additional ingredients like Glitters, or dried flower petals can also add to the cost of making a bath bomb.

In the list of ingredients I used for the cost calculation, I included Lavender scented Epsom Salts.

This pushed the cost of the recipe up, but also provided a scent that is released once it hits the bath water, which would have cost more if normal epsom salts and lavender essential oil was used instead.

Always consider scented Epsom Salts as an option in DIY bath bombs. They do not cost much more and come in a range of flavors. is a participant in the AmazonServices LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Ingredients used in the example table of how much is costs to make a bath bomb

The ingredients I used to create the cost example are the most basic ingredients you can use to make your own.

You may want to add further essential oils, colors, glitters and many more options that making your own provides you with. I’ve used some organic ingredients, and you can make your own natural bath bomb by sourcing the necessary products.

For reference, please see below the ingredients, available at Amazon, that i used to cost. If you can buy bigger and find cheaper, you bring down the cost of making your own bath bombs accordingly – Have Fun

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