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You’ve explored the world of DIY bath bombs and your creative side is coming out. Moreover, you simply enjoy creating bath bombs, far too many for personal use. You have a business idea and have just considered becoming a business owner creating them in an ever-growing bath bomb market place. But how do you start a bath bombs business?

Anyone can sell bath bombs in stores or online. Starting a bath bomb business can cost very little and with a little hard work, you’ll have your own business and be working for yourself in no time. There are some legalities to consider as with any business but bath bombs are big business and you can be part of it.

Why Sell Bath Bombs?

You would not be alone in owning and operating a small bath bombs business, making or selling the products, or doing both joining the many bath bomb manufacturers out in the market place.

As a small business, making and selling bath bombs, to friends and family or locally at craft fairs can help fund what is essentially a hobby and become a bath bomb supplier of your own.

Star a bath bomb business, create a range of products an sell legally in the US
Starting a bath bomb business is quite easy, and it doesn’t cost very much to get going

Scaling that up to marketing and producing bath bombs in greater quantities to a larger audience moves you into small business territory and is something that is achievable by anyone where you can supply bath bombs under $10.

The bath bomb industry is HUGE!

Lush alone are creating and selling multi-millions of bath bombs annually across the world, and brands like Da Bomb are turning over upwards of $20 million a year.

As a small bath bomb business, you need only turn a minute percentage of that business to you to achieve a supplementary income which you could reinvest for a larger slice of the pie later on.

Also, becoming known as a seller of bath bombs makes it easy to introduce associated products like hand made soap, bath salts, or shower steamers too, with little no extra effort.

How Much Money Can you Make Selling Bath Bombs

As much as you may have fun producing and using bath bombs, if you want to turn it into a small business, you will have to consider how much you spend making them, and how much a bath bomb can be sold for. 

The average price of bath bombs retailing in the general market can vary widely and is between $3-$10. The price depends on the producer, size, style, ingredients, and more. Some bath bombs contain gift embeds including toys, jewelry, and surprises. The contents will determine the final price.

If you want to start a small business making bath bombs, consider that you do not need a huge factory like Lush or Da Bomb have. A small organized room will suffice. Enough space for your materials to be easily accessible and for one or two people to work in comfortably will do.

Starting small with local sales or online sales only cuts down on early start-up costs by avoiding production units and/or storefronts. This provides time to build your business and customer base to help you grow. You will be amazed at just how many bath bombs you can make and sell from home in a small production.

As your small bath bomb business grows, you can decide how you want to scale your sales by moving into wholesale or dropshipping products, or by building a brand of your own which can be sold to stores in bulk.

How much does it cost to make a bath bomb?

To make a bath bomb will cost as little as $0.25. Cost per bath bomb will depend on the recipe and quality of ingredients. Below $0.25 is achieved by buying materials in bulk. $0.30 is an achievable cost for a start-up or small home business making smaller batches of bath bombs for local sale or wholesale.

How much is costs to make a bath bomb
It may surprise you how cheap bath bombs cost to make

DID YOU KNOW: Individual bath bombs can be made for as little as just a few cents and be sold for between $3-$10 each. Figure out your profit on making and selling just 100 per month!

Bath Bomb Price Calculator

This simple bath bomb price calculator will help you decide how much to see your bath bombs for


How much can you sell bath bombs for?

How much should you sell bath bombs for. Take the cost price and get your sale price from that
The fun part of a bath bomb business is creating a sale price for your products

The price you sell your handmade bath bombs for should be decided upon by this formula:

  • Bath Bomb Price  = The cost of the materials + (your time + expertise)

You have to determine the cost of your time and expertise of course, but imagine combined you decide you are worth $50 per hour. (you can decide this figure for yourself)

Based on the cost of your ingredients, how much does it cost, in materials, to make 1 bath bomb? It might be easier to make 10 of course, so just divide the total cost by 10 to get the cost of one.

Now you have the cost of one bath bomb, make as many good quality bath bombs of a single style as you can in one hour. Let’s say with all things considered this is 25 and it has cost $7.50 in ingredients and materials

  • $7.50 + $50 (your time and expertise) = $57.50
  • $57.50 = $2.30 – So you have now an accurate cost price of $2.30 per bath bomb in terms of production cost.

Add in any packaging costs. Perhaps you wrap them individually or box them in sets, let’s say 30 cents per bath bomb and now your cost is $2.50 per bomb.

If you were to decide a sale price of just $3 each, making 25 per hour, and spending just 10 hours per week making them, you would produce 250 bath bombs to be sold at $3.00

PRO TIP: With Two people working and a compressed air bath bomb press, it is possible to make over 400 bath bombs per hour. With a manual bath bomb press, 200 per hour are possible. Without a press, molding by hand, you can make up to 100 or more bath bombs per hour

When all are sold, you would have taken $750 in sales. – 

From that $750 in sales, you can then figure out your profit by taking away your costs

  • $125 in materials
  • $500 in labor (that’s yours if you made them)
  • Total $625
  • Profit = $750 – $625 = $125 for product sales. And you’ve earned $500 for your time too.

The $125 profit on materials, can be used to purchase more supplies to be able to make more bath bombs. Remember that each bath bomb has cost only 60cents to be made and packaged, You have earned enough profit without cutting into your earnings, to make more than 200 more bath bombs and repeat the process every 10 hours of your time.

This is all well and good, but you must also be able to sell this many bath bombs, so let’s look into how we can sell bath bombs as a business. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, or

A Few Essentials and My Favorite Things

Because there are so many places to find and so much information to go through on-site, I thought I would bring a few of the most popular items from the site, and my favorite products all in one place so you can check them out easily.

Bath Bomb Maker

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Bath Bombs for Men

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The biggest problem often for bath bomb makers or soap makers is the humidity. This 4500 Sq Ft model from Amazon, is more than big enough for most bath bomb makers and can be used for the entire basement or anywhere else in the house.


The one thing you will need if you are making bath bombs, shower steamer or homemade soap is some good and reliable digital scales so your measurements can be as precise as digitally possible. These Kitchen Scales are from Amazon’s Choice, and they are mine too, as they are solid, reliable and inexpensive.

I hope you find everything you have come to Bath Bomb Guide to look for and enjoy the site.

My Favourite Bath Bombs

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My towels are one of my favorite things. A soft, fluffy Turkish bath sheet to wrap up in is the best compliment to a bath or shower. Sometimes I just take it out of the cupboard and wrap up on the couch watching TV! Being Turkish cotton they last really well.

How to Make Bath Bombs

Knowing how to make bath bombs is a pre-requisite to starting a small scale bath bombs business of your own. You can of course buy and sell bath bombs, that is one way to do it, but this article really is based around the process of starting from scratch making your own.

Is it easy to create bath bombs as a business?

The beauty of making and selling your own bath bombs is that anyone can do it and start their own small business, with very little experience, and very little initial financial outlay. Because bath bombs will sell at a good price point, the profit margin between the cost of making one and selling one is very good, providing an opportunity to reinvest and scale up quickly.

Bath bomb business plan
it is essential to create a business plan

Product Development

Bath Bombs need no complicated or hard-to-source materials. The vast majority of any bath bomb recipe is available in any grocery store. If you are looking to create a business selling bath bombs, you would be better to find a source where you can buy the products in bulk. Thankfully there are many options online, where buying in bigger quantities means you can buy cheaper, making the cost price of your bath bomb cheaper and profits larger.

Main ingredients required for making bath bombs

To make a bath bomb to sell, you will need some necessary ingredients

  1. Baking Soda
  2. Citric Acid
  3. Epsom Salts
  4. Carrier oil (see Below)
  5. Water/Witch Hazel
  6. Cornstarch (optional)
  7. Fragrance/Essential Oil (optional)
  8. Food Coloring (Optional)
  9. Decorations (optional)
  10. Packaging

DIY Bath Bomb making Tips

You will definitely want to come by, practice or build a huge list of DIY bath bomb recipes as your base idea for a product line. You will want to choose those you can get the best results from, and provide a varied range of bath bombs to make your offering interesting to potential buyers.

Types of Bath Bomb Businesses

Who will be your target audience when you get started?

Create Bath Bombs – Sell as individual bombs, packs and gifts sets

The most likely small business starting point for selling bath bombs will be a small production started at home. Creating bath bombs as a hobby is very popular, born from bath bomb fans who initially wanted to make their own bath bombs to save money on the storefront or online prices.

Finding that DIY bath bombs generally result in more than you can reasonably use yourself, coupled with a growing addiction of trying new recipes and fragrances, they find joy from giving their amazing products away, and an opportunity to sell them locally to friends and family.

Moving on from this small beginning leads to an opportunity to fund the purchase of the materials required to make a bath bomb and suddenly you have fallen into a bath bomb making business of your own.

This can be scaled with the right regulations and marketing to reach a wider audience and more organized production process.

You can build an inventory of bath bomb products to make and sell, either at fairs, to small stores or an online shop, selling through a website or social media site.

The beauty of making your own bath bombs is you can create unique products that no one else makes or sells.

Make Bath Bombs – Sell Wholesale

Perhaps since starting to make bath bombs and maybe grabbing a local store or an online store as a customer, you find that you would like to sell your products to more stores in a wider area, throughout the city, state or country.

Making bath bombs for wholesale will require more organization, perhaps a small team and better equipment, and in some cases, a larger area or dedicated premises to produce the bath bombs and store your dry ingredients.

The benefit of gaining some wholesale customers is that because you will be producing far more product, you will begin to buy more materials in bulk, which should allow you to source them cheaper, bringing your material costs down. You will have to charge cheaper wholesale prices as your customer will be selling to the endpoint of the sales route, but scaling your production should allow you to do this.

Buy and Sell Bath Bombs

The other option, and probably not what you have arrived on this page for, is to buy and sell (trade) bath bombs and bath products with your own online store or storefront.

In this instance, you will have to find your own wholesaler to purchase the bath bombs from.

It is possible to buy bath bombs unbranded and have them packaged in your own brands if required, and buying in scale can also allow you to determine certain exclusivities too.

How do I get customers to buy my bath bombs?

Bath bomb business marketing ideas
You have to have some idea of how you will market your bath bomb business

This is a whole new subject. Marketing is one of the most important aspects of any small business to get in front of your target audience. There are thousands of potential customers out there looking for a new or different bath bomb, and your high-quality bath bomb could be the answer. But how do they know your products exist? Answer: Your marketing effort!

How to promote my Bath Bombs?

You can use a pop-up store, or door to door marketing, but the best way to promote and market your bath bombs is via the internet, using a website, social media like facebook or Pinterest, or selling on Amazon. The wider the audience you can reach the better your chances of making sales will be.

  1. Social Media
  2. Build a Website
  3. Shopify
  4. Amazon

What should I call my Bath Bomb Business?

It is with some confidence that I will predict you have awareness of bath bomb brands such as Lush, Da Bomb or Bomb Cosmetics as business names.

Creating a memorable business name for yourself can be a key part of its success, particularly online. 

The great part about choosing business names is that it can be huge fun and you can get a lot of people involved.

You can also use an online business name generator.

Here I have used and already completed the query for bath bombs

It has produced some great ideas and examples of business names I could use for my idea, website or store.

I really liked Bath Nomad

Bless BathBathgenix
Novus BathBonbgenics
BathopolisGiga Bath
Some bath bomb business names, products name or domain name suggestions

Once you have found the business name you like, you have another step before you can start using it for your business or products. That is to check domain availability to ensure that no one else is already using it if you want a website/ [Of course you do!]

Use the internet and search the name, to see if there is a website with the same domain or a store using the same name. it may already be licensed, and that is not something you want to find out later. You may not have too much trouble, but it is best to try to avoid any potential problems for your business before you start.

A quick way to check domain availability (That would be the address of your website) is to use the Domain Name Checker too.

You can pick a cool bath bomb business name

Do I need a License to Sell Bath Bombs?

Having a business license is essential. Following on from choosing your business name above, by registering it, you can prevent someone else from choosing the same name, or something very similar and using it in competition against you.

If you start your business and trade for a while without registering the name, you leave yourself open to someone liking your idea copying it and then registering your name for themselves, and there will be little you will be able to do about it.

Be vigilant with setting up your business.

And remember, a state license is only worthy of the state you are in. if you are looking to expand and sell nationally or internationally, then check the license status in each state. Also, bear in mind that the rules in your state are likely to differ from rules in another.

What regulations are there for selling bath bombs?

Want the FDA on your doorstep checking your bath bomb production facility? It would be foolish to think that just making a few bath bombs to sell online, on Facebook or other social media will leave you under the radar of the authorities.

Whether bath bombs are considered cosmetics and fall under the regulation or not doesn’t matter in this instance. You have to play by the rules, have the right process in place, and adhere to the legislation set out by the FDA.

These things are there as much to protect you as the customer. You may know of someone else who is making and selling bath bombs and not following the rules as they ‘only sell locally, or only sell a few’ – if you have a website or sell on social media, the chances are someone is going to discover you, and you’ll get a visit.

Here is an example of a small soap making company being surprised with a visit from the FDA

I am not about to advise on the ins and outs of what you need to do to be compliant with the FDA. It is far better coming from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. So check out the FDA guidelines yourself.

Do I need Liability Insurance to Make or Sell Bath Bombs?

You certainly need to take out personal liability insurance when operating any business. It is one of the most prudent things you can possibly do for your business.

Imagine working for several years to build a great little business and an income for you and your family, only to lose it all in an instant simply because you had skipped inexpensive liability insurance to save a few dollars a month.

I need not expand upon this. f you are looking to run a business, make it a good business by ensuring it and you are protected from disaster that could have been avoided.

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Bath Bomb Business?

The beauty of starting a bath bomb business is that the initial start-up costs can be very low. in fact, you probably have the vast majority of ingredients you need to get started, including DIY bath bomb molds in your cupboards, if not they are very accessible from the local store.

Your first batch of bath bombs can probably be created for the small matter of $30 creating a few dozen bath bombs that can be sold locally for $2.50 each, accumulating $75, to reinvest in more ingredients, and perhaps some better molds.

It’s all upwards from there

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