15 ‘How to Use a Bath Bomb?’ Questions – [ANSWERED]

You’ve seen bath bombs, you’ve bought your favorite bath bomb, you know you put it in the bathtub and it should fizz, perhaps color the water and give a great smell but how do you use a relaxing bath bomb? They don’t come with bath bomb use instructions, so what is a bath bomb supposed to do?

The best way to use a bath bomb is to run your bathtub and place the bath bomb in the water after it is filled. The bath bomb will take 3-6 minutes to dissolve in the warm water. This is the point when you should enter the water once the bubbles, scents, salts and fizz have been released.

Looks pretty simple huh? – Well, read on, for bath bomb use instructions and answers to many of the Bath Bomb Use questions I see every day.

Bath Bomb Directions

For the best bath bomb experience and how to use a bath bomb:

  1. Run the water into your bathtub to a comfortable bath temperature (92f)
  2. Place your bath bomb in the water
  3. Wait 3-6 minutes for the bath bomb to dissolve and release its scent
  4. Pop yourself in the tub
  5. Relax, maybe with some bath-time music
  6. Cleanse, ensuring you rinse your hair thoroughly with clean water if it got wet
  7. Grab your fluffiest towel, dab dry

You can use these bath products in any type of bath but there are precautions you should take if considering using a bath bomb in a hot tub.

When do you put a bath bomb in?

There is no hard and fast rule here on how to use bath melts but I would avoid putting the common bath bomb in the bath before the water. It is going to be a disappointing experience! So what’s the point of a bath bomb?

The ideal time to place the bath bomb in the water is once the tub is filled to your desired depth. Placing it in whilst the water is still running, is OK, and in some cases, may assist in the mix, but certainly, some of the fun is watching it fizz.

Also, I would not recommend putting it in the bath AFTER you have got in yourself. You certainly can and there is absolutely no harm in doing so, but it is better to lower yourself slowly into the bath once the fizzy bath bomb has done its magic.

Do You Put a Bath Bomb in Before You Get In?

It is preferable to put the bath bomb in the water before you get in. This way the fizzing can happen, and the explosion of scent can fill the bathroom, so prepare for your ultimate bath bomb bathing experience.

As mentioned above, it is not essential, and there is no danger in sitting in the bath and having the bath bomb work at that point, but for me personally, adding the bath products before I get in is all about the preparation of my bath time experience.

Do You Take the Plastic Off Bath Bombs

If your bath bomb is wrapped in plastic then you should remove it completely before adding to the bath. The plastic wrapper on the bath bomb is for storage and display only and will help it remain fresh, it will hinder the experience if left on when added to the bath water.

Do Bath Bombs Clean You?

Bath Bombs ingredients do clean you to an extent. If they have a surfactant ingredient, then they will be working at putting moisture between your skin and any grease, dirt or grime. You will need to use some effort in getting clean however, the bath bomb will not replace a good scrub.

Whilst the bath bomb will have cleansing and soaping agents, just sitting in a bath with a bath bomb in it, will not clean you and have the same effect as scrubbing your skin. You will need to add a little of your own effort.

Be sure if you have sensitive skin, dry skin or itchy skin, to take the necessary precautions. Bath bombs for sensitive skin are available

How Long Should You Soak in a Bath Bomb?

You can soak with a bath bomb for 20-40 minutes depending on the how comfortable you are as the water cools or as your skin goes ‘pruny’ – Bath in bath bomb water is no different to an ordinary bath so enjoy the experience for as long as the tempreture allows.

Personally I like a hot bath, so can do more than 20 minutes, but also I don’t like to be in the bath for too long. If however, I feel like an extended lie in the tub, I am likely to top up with hot water whilst there. but not too much.

There are no rules here, just relax and enjoy

What are the Dangers of Bath Bombs?

The main danger of bath bombs is not understanding what the ingredients are and what to look for, or more specifically not avoiding ambiguous ingredient listing such as ‘fragrance’. Ensure that each ingredient is individually listed and explains exactly what they are.

If you are making your own DIY Bath Bombs, then this is not a concern for you as you will know and be in full control of what is going into your bath bomb.

One article I read makes a rather sweeping statement without specifically highlighting the individual product or brand it was referring too, which is equally as dangerous as it can cast a dull light over bath bombs in general, many of which are perfectly safe to use.

Just be sure when you are buying a bath bob that you have confidence in the ingredients, and if in any doubt, ask directly the seller to clarify. A big signal is if they are unable to clear up any doubts you have because either they don’t know, or worse still don’t care.

Do Bath Bombs Actually Do Anything?

Well, for want of better grammar, ‘they don’t do nothing, something happens!’

Bath bombs do several things, but this question seems to be aimed at if there are any benefits at all to a bath bomb.

There will be, not always, but also not limited to

  • Softened Water
  • Release of Bubbles
  • Introduction of Essential Oils
  • Softened Skin
  • Cleansing Properties
  • Relaxation
  • Muscle Relief
  • Mind Relief
  • Stress Relief

I’m sure as you read this and if you use bath bombs regularly you could add to this list.

Do you take a shower after a bath bomb?

A simple answer to whether or not to take showers after using a bath bomb is to use the side and bottom of your bathtub as a guide. If there is lots of residue and color left in the tub, or worse still glitter, then it might be beneficial to have a rinse off in the shower after using your bath bomb.

You can treat your skin the same way as you would your hair. You would probably prefer to rinse your hair after using a bath bomb and a shower would have the same effect on the rest of your body. You could even use Shower Fizzies too!

Another case of where this might be a good idea is if you have used a bath bob with particularly strong fragrance from the essential oils. You may find that a quick rinse with shower gel after will remove the scent.

A little scent is good but you’ve probably experienced before, either someone else’s or one squirt too many of your own perfume, that a little too much scent can be too much. If you feel the bath bomb has left too much scent on your skin, a quick rinse under the shower will help.

There are shower bombs, or shower steamers to give them the proper name, available on the market too.

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What is the Point of Bath Bombs?

The point of a bath bomb is putting some time aside to create and enjoy a spa-like experience in your own bath tub. With an ever expanding range of bath bomb types, there can be as much fun in choosing which one you want to try.

With different aromatherapeutic recipes to fun toy embeds, there are a host of reasons to buy and have fun with a bath bomb

Do You Put Bath Bombs in While The Water is Running?

There is no hard and fast rule of when to put a bath bomb in the bath water. There are certainly neither positive nor negative benefits to the point at which you introduce the bath bomb.

In fact, until I was asked when to put a bath bomb in, I had never considered it. but did think about what I did personally, and realised that I only add the bath bomb to the water once the tub has finished running.

How you decide to undertake your bath bomb adding routine is up to you. It will do no harm in adding whilst the water is running, and if you are in a rush, will save you the few minutes it takes for the bath bomb to dissolve, if you decide to get in once that process has finished.

Hey! We are over-thinking this here – Take your bath bomb, fill the tub and do whatever you want to do.

Can You Wash Your Hair With a Bath Bomb?

A bath bomb is not created to wash your hair with, so if the question is rephrased, ‘is a bath bomb as good as shampoo?’, the answer is definitely no.

A bath bomb is not created for the cleansing of hair as it’s primary purpose.

Will Bath Bombs Ruin Your hair?

The vast majority of bath bombs and any bath bombs using recipes here on the BathBombGuide will not specifically ruin your hair but it is to be understood they are not made for hair cleansing.

Check out the complete guide to bath bombs and hair here on site.

Can You Use a Bath Bomb in the Shower?

It should be fairly clear that a bath bomb is designed for use in the bath but it is very common to be asked if they can also be used when showering.

Bath bombs can be used in the shower, but you have to understand this is not their primary purpose and there are similar alternative products specifically designed for use in the shower.

Your bath bomb can only sit at the bottom of the tray and just sadly fizz on its own, going immediately down the drain. What benefit could you possibly attain from that?

A shower steamer, however, can bring you all the benefits of a bath bomb, but specifically designed for use, standing up in the rain.

How Long do Bath Bombs Last?

In water, a 5oz bath bomb will typically last for between 3-6 minutes. The exact time will depend on the density of the ingredient packing and the ingredients used. The temperature of the water will make no difference to how long it will take to dissolve completely.

If you are making your own bath bombs you can consider your ingredients and affect how long it takes for a bath bomb to dissolve.

Do Bath Bombs Expire?

Bath bombs will have a best before date. This is not to say they are useless beyond the stated date, more that the ingredients degrade and oxidize over time and thus the effect when used will be lesser than would be experienced with a freshly made bath bomb.

Generally, using a bath bob within a month will have you experience the best results, with degredation exponentially increasing beyind that time.

This is one reason why there are bath bomb subscription services, where a new set of bath bombs are mailed monthly to you. Not only can they introdude the very latest bath bomb creations, but they remind you not to leave those bath bombs in the cupboard for too long and to get the very most from the products you have purchased.

Can I use a 1 year Old Bath Bomb?

It is perfectly possible to use a bath bomb that is one year old. You may find however that the fizzing action is a little less explosive than you would find with a new, fresher bath bomb. It is very possible that you will get very little fizz at all. In the same moment, a bath bomb that is a year old will likely have lost most of its scent – So that vanilla aroma you were expecting could be quite disappointing.

Can I use a 2 year Old Bath Bomb?

First, why do you have a two year old bath bomb in your bathroom unused? What are you thinking!!

Well, for whatever reason you have had a bath bomb sitting around for two years without being dropped in the bath, you are going to find it a disappointing experience. Time will have removed virtually all of the scent, so much so as to be pretty much absent when it dissolves. And talking of dissolving, this bath bomb, is going to be so far removed from a bomb as to be laughable. It is very likely that you will get a very poor reaction in the water, depending on the quality of the product in the first place.

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