5 Lush Bath Bomb Alternatives for a Relaxing Spa-Like Experience!

Have you ever thought about pampering yourself with a spa experience at home? If so, you certainly wouldn’t be alone; in fact, countless people there love the luxury and serenity that a little time soaking with a premium quality bath bomb can offer! However, often, it can seem like the main and most obvious option out there for bath bombs is Lush – but what if you want something a little different? 

Whether you’ve already tried all of the amazing lush bath bombs you’d hoped, or if you’re looking for Lush bath bomb alternatives to help keep the costs under control. There are plenty of excellent options you could consider to find the ideal solution. After all, you deserve the chance to treat yourself, and we’re to ensure that happens.

The Top 5 Alternatives to Lush Bath Bombs for a Relaxing Spa-Like Experience 

Don’t worry if you’re ready to begin diversifying your bathing experience with different bath bombs and bath products, don’t worry. While it can sometimes seem tricky to know where to start, the following products might be just what you need.

1. Cleverfy Bath Bombs

If you’re a regular bath bomb user, did you know that you could easily save a good amount of money by switching to Cleverfy bath bombs instead? Cleverfy’s unique, 100% vegan, and slip-resistant bath bombs are packed with nutrients to help soothe your skin; what’s more, their mild scent helps make them ideal for a calmer, less invigorating bath when you simply want some time to relax. And, since they come in a pack of six, you’ll save money compared to buying individual bath bombs outright.

2. Da Bomb Glow Bath Bombs

If you’re looking for something a little more exciting to liven up bathtimes, the glow-in-the-dark bath bomb from Da Bomb Bath might be ideal. The internal green light spreads vibrant colors throughout your bathroom, adding a certain level of mystique and mystery to the experience.

Still, even though they look like something that’s right out of this world, they’re still an excellent Lush bath bomb alternative since they feature 100% natural ingredients – and no, the green doesn’t indicate that it’s radioactive!

3. Anjou Bath Bombs

Offering a generally gentler bath bomb experience than Lush’s bath bombs are perhaps known for, Anjou is one of the leading brands for affordable Lush bath bomb alternatives. Their combination of six essential oils truly helps you relax and enjoy the scents; meanwhile, all of their products – as with Lush – are still 100% natural.

4. Bubble Bars

If you’re looking for a more affordable bathing experience, bubble bars are almost certainly a great way to go since they’re incredibly strong – which means you get loads more bubbles for the money! As such, if you’ve been looking for a cheaper alternative to Lush’s standard bat bomb range (without compromising the quality), bubble bars could be an ideal option.

5. Homemade Bath Bombs

As a final option, if you’re not keen on any of the other alternatives we’ve suggested thus far, why not consider making your very own DIY bath bombs? They’re surprisingly simple and easy to make and are great fun. Plus, they can offer all of the luxuries you’re accustomed to, but without the extremely high price tag!

To make your own homemade bath bombs, you’ll first need to start out with a few simple ingredients. These include citric acid, baking soda, coconut oil, and Epsom salts – that’s literally it for the base of your bath bombs! Of course, you could also add in some washable colorings if you wanted to make your bath bombs a little more exciting, but this is entirely optional. We would recommend using essential oils, though, to treat yourself to the luxurious scents and relaxation you deserve.

Now that you’ve got the ingredients for your new bath bomb, the next step in the process is to begin making them – and fortunately, this is incredibly simple! Simply mix all dry ingredients together before adding melted coconut oil, and combine together with a large wooden spoon. Don’t worry if the mixture begins fizzing during this stage – that’s normal. Then, add in your essential oils (we highly recommend lavender for relaxation) and combine once more.

All that’s left now is to begin shaping the mixture into balls. Alternatively, you could use molds if you’d like to add a little more excitement to the bath experience, such as for children – dinosaur-shaped bath bombs, anyone?

Final Thoughts

When it comes to relaxation, finding the ideal solutions for all of your R&R needs can seem a little tough. However, if you ask us, it really shouldn’t have to be this way – which is why we have compiled this list to ensure you know about the best Lush bath bomb alternatives to pamper yourself. Go on – you deserve it!

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