[Easy] The Trick to Make Spinning Bath Bombs (Recipe)

You’ve made your bath bombs and tried everything but you just cant get them to spin as they dissolve and release the colors and scents. But you’ve watched videos of other bath bombs that spin like a top as they fizz in the bath water. So, how do you get a bath bomb to spin?

The simple trick to getting a bath bomb to spin is to press your thumb, just off-center on each side of the mold before you press them together. Make it a firm press and leave a small indentation on each side. You can leave it empty or fill the gap with an embed. The weight imbalance will cause your bomb to spin in the bath.

Read this guide for a step by step explanation and photos to help you gain the maximum spin for your next batch of bath bombs.

Coupled with embeds, if you can get your bath bomb to spin while releasing all the wonderful surprises contained within, you have truly mastered, professional bath bomb creations to put you up there with the ranks of Lush and beyond the reach of what Da Bomb will do!

How to make a Bath Bomb Spin

The key to getting your bath bomb to spin is to create a weight inbalance in the bomb.

when packing the bath bomb mixture into the mold that you are using, ensure that you push down hard with the tip of your thumb, of centre of each side.

This may make a little hollow or bowl shape, and you now have options as to what to do with this area.

Adding a loose mixture of just citric acid and baking soda will ensure a pretty spectacular reaction that should get the bomb spinning like crazy when the water gets to it. It will already be spinning because of the imbalance.

You also have the option of placing a bath bomb embed within this space you have created in either side before you pack the two sides together ready for drying.

Does a Bath Bomb Have to Spin in the Bath?

It is not essential that your bath bomb spins in the bath, but if you have made a multi-coloured example, then the spinning action is a great way to distribute the different colors.

This is especially effective when using rainbow colored embeds.

Most bath bombs will spin. In fact, if you hve a bath bomb that just sits still in the water as is fizzes, you have created a perfectly balanced product, not so easy to do, even if you are trying!!

The spinning action is therefore not entirely essential but does provide a bit more theatre to the whole bath bomb experience.

Does More Citric Acid or Baking Soda make it Spin?

Adding more citric acid and/or baking soda will not affect how the bath bomb spins.

That said, the greater the reaction between these ingredients when coming into contact with the water, will help any inbalance within the bath bomb to make is spin.

Often the reason a bath bomb doesn’t spin is because the fizzing action isn’t as strong. The reaction needs to be a good one, otherwise the energy to make it go around will not be there in the first place.

If you have created a bath bomb as per the instruction here and you find it is still not spinning, it might be that there is something stopping the fizz work as well as it could.

There are a variety of reasons why this might be happening, so it is worth investigating the secret to longer fizzing bath bombs.

You can remove certain ingredients or change the ratio of some of them to ensure that the fizz is bigger and stronger, and this will help propel your bath bomb around its own axis and around the bath tub.

Spinning Bath Bomb Recipe

  • ½ Cup Citric Acid
  • 1 Cup Baking Soda
  • ¼ Cup Fine Grain Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt
  • ½ tablespoon of Water or Witch Hazel
  • Essential oil fragrance to suit

There is no specific recipe for a spinning bath bomb, as mentioned above it is about the way you pack it into the bath bomb molds, and the placement of embeds if you use them.

However, using this recipe, you will be able to create a bath bomb that has lots of reaction and subject to being packed right will spin happily for several minutes as it dissolves.

How long it takes your bath bomb to dissolve will vary, depending on size and ingredients, but until it dissolves to the point of the imbalance, you’ll get a great spinning bath bomb.

Related Information

A few extra titbits about spinning bath bombs


A huge sense of purpose when making spinning bath bombs is to be able to enjoy the release of colors.

be careful when using strong colors that give the greatest effects in bath bombs, as you do not want to stain your bathtub.

Look out for tips to stop your bath bomb staining your tub and use the additional ingredients that will help here.


When buying a bath bomb from a retail store like Lush, in most cases you’ll find most will spin well and to an acceptable level.

If you are making your own bath bombs, which you probably are giving you are on this page, then there is no additional cost involved.

It will still cost between $0.50 and $1 to make your own bath bombs at home.


Quick tip, try not to sell your bath bombs off the back of the ability to spin, unless you are 100% confident you have nailed to procedure.

Whilst adding a “fantastic spin’ as a selling point, whilst you may have made a brilliant product in all other respects, if that baby doesn’t spin like advertised, or the buyer has purchased specifically for that reason, you may get some come back.

If you have nailed it and plan to use, clever marketing like this for your bath bomb business, then go ahead.


And finally, the more spin you can get, the more entertaining an fun they can be as bath bombs for kids. They love the color and the action more than anyone else, and don’t care for the more expensive essential oil fragrances. Just make em colorful and spinny and you have a job keeping the children out of the bath!

Have fun, stay safe, and enjoy making some DIY spinning bath bombs!

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