11 Relaxing Bath Ideas | Tips for Total Bath Relaxation

One way to ensure you reach total relaxation in the bath is to have a relaxing bath routine. These Eleven tips can be the start of making your bath more enjoyable and the best way to take a bath for the full chill-out experience.

  1. Tidy Bathroom
  2. Set the room temperature and room temperature in sync
  3. Set Some Mood lighting
  4. Candles for Bathrooms
  5. Relaxing Bath Music
  6. Have Your Essential Items Within Reach
  7. The Fluffiest Towel Ready
  8. Post-Bath Routine
  9. [Extra] Bath Salts for Relaxation
  10. [Extra] Essential Oils for the Bath
  11. [Extra] Bath Bombs for Relaxation

Prepare with a Tidy Bathroom

Tidy Bathroom
A tidy bathroom is essential to start your relaxing bath time

Nothing can stress you out more than an untidy room, especially a bathroom, which are often one of the smallest rooms in the house.

A solitary sock can be enough to unsettle the feeling, let alone the kid’s toys. Having towels hanging around, or an untidy shelf can have the same negative effect.

Pop away all of the odds and sods. Fold your towels. Tidy the shelf with minimal things on display and make sure the labels are showing to the front. It’s incredible how just these small alterations can positively affect the ambiance of this special place when you are looking for total relaxation.

Set The Perfect Temperature

Bathroom temperature
Do you know the optimum temperature for your bath water and bathroom?

Try to fix the perfect temperature in both your bathroom and your bath water for the ultimate relaxation settings. Scientific recommendations are:

  • Water 38 Degrees
  • Room 22-24 degrees

Water Temperature

Bath Water Temperature
Ensure your bath water is just above 37 degrees Celsius

The ideal temperature for your bath water is just slightly above your body temperature, which is around 37 degrees Celcius. The water should not be any hotter than this.

Did you know if your bath water is just 2 degrees higher at 39 Celcius, your heart rate will increase by around 12%? That increase is neither good for relaxing, nor is it helpful if you have a heart condition.

If you are not sure or are concerned just be aware the dangers of hot water are far greater ins respect than that of cold, and you can still relax in water slightly lower than body temperature anyway. The moment the bath is ready, it will be slowly losing heat in any case.

Bathroom Temperature

Bathroom temperature
Between 22-24 degrees Celsius is ideal for your Bathroom

The ideal temperature for a bathroom is between 22-24 degrees Celcius.

You’ve done the math already and will appreciate the difference of around 15 degrees between the room and bath advice. You will undoubtedly know the difference when you dip your first toe in, going from the more ambient room level to the hotter bathwater.

Note that 22-24 is warmer than the optimum temperature in other rooms around your house, and around 2 degrees more than you would want a living room. A bedroom would be yet cooler at 16-19 degrees.

These small shifts can take effect quite quickly when switching your house settings, and if you are fortunate enough to have individual room thermostats, you will be able to control your bathroom for the perfect relaxation temperature.

Mood Lighting Helps You Relax

Bathroom lighting for relaxation
Get the lights just right for bathtime.

In the modern age of LED lighting, the last thing you want, if you are looking for total relaxation in the bathroom, is a bright white light.

That is not to say LED lighting is terrible in this room, instead, how you use it, is essential.

there are a whole range of LED lighting options available now, especially if you want to set the mood with a calming color.

Short strips of LED lighting are available in a range of colors, or maybe spend a little more and grab a strip that can be changed and controlled from your mobile phone, they are not expensive at all.

Set your calming color, and you are away!!

If you don’t have mood lighting or can’t afford to get it arranged right now, never fear. Candles are cheap, easy, and covered in the next section.

Best Candles for a Relaxing Bath

Bathroom Candles
From tealights to scented options, candles add to the ambiance in your bathroom.

In the absence of electrical mood lighting, you can create a relaxing ambiance with candles in your bathroom, with little effort, and usually quite cheaply.

Cheap tealights used right can be enough or you can look at other more luxurious and purpose-built options

With options for scented candles too, you can choose a scent to match your mood or the feeling you want to accomplish.

Why not try matching your scented candle to your music? How about this for an idea? Get a fresh outdoor scent, maybe even fresh-cut grass and match it with music with sounds of nature featuring rainfall, or a waterfall! Close your eyes and imagine that already!

Bath Time Music for Total Chill-Out

Bathroom music
Sounds of nature to acoustic pop hits, choosing the right music completes your bath relaxation setting.

Depending on how long you want to unwind for, will depend on how many bath time music songs you have on your playlist. The easiest way to find and play a relaxing bathtime music playlist is to get to Spotify and choose one of the playlists there.

I have created my favorite bathtime playlists [by name] for complete relaxation, which I have added links, descriptions, and some more details on my dedicated relaxing bath music review page.

I personally use all of them. My choice depends on what mood I am in, and what relaxation state I am searching for.

One, in particular, I love to use is called ‘Bath with Music of Nature.’ I can guarantee whatever has happened during the day, I will unwind within minutes.

Bathroom Essential Items

Bathroom Essentials
Make sure you have everything you need to hand before getting in.

One true essential is to have these items within reach. The last thing you want while soaking away your stress is to discover that something you need is on the other side of the bathroom. There is nothing worse than having to get out of the warmth and soak the floor, leaving you worrying about additional cleaning and tidying post-bath.

Other than that, consider these little essentials to ensure you have everything to hand.

From a face cloth to your bath additives, I have a list of bathroom essentials for relaxation in a dedicated post.

Some are obvious, others will enhance your ‘me-time.’ You don’t have to use every item all at once. Consider each for the type of bath you want.

Oh, and the other essential? The best bath towel you can get your hands on. More details below.

Fluffiest Bath Sheet or Towel [Or Both!]

Bathroom Towels
Grab your fluffiest towel ready for exit.

Oh, there is nothing worse than getting out of a bath wholly relaxed and having to wrap a ‘crunchy’ towel around you. Not to mention, if you want to exfoliate, you’d rather have done that before drying time!

While a brand new towel can be a bit ‘too fluffy’ and leave said fluff on your skin, [always wash a new towel before first use to prevent this] don’t you ever wish you had that ‘best towel in the linen cupboard’ sometimes.

Invest in a bath sheet, you know, one of those huge ones for wrapping post-bath. 10 minutes sat in one of these negates the need for the ‘rub-down’ but if you do like a rub [Who doesn’t], have a second fluffy towel to hand for the purpose.

Not sure if you want a sheet or a towel? Or Both? Take a look at my Bath Sheet vs. Bath Towel article where I look at them in comparison and decide if I want one, the other or both!

Want tips on ‘ho to dry yourself after the bath’? Sounds silly, doesn’t it? But it can make a difference. See below for suggestions on what to do after you get out of the bath.

Post Relaxing Bath Routine

After Bath Routine
Your post bath routine is as important as the planning

Get into good post-bath habits. Maintain your mood and aim, which should be relaxation. You can follow these steps to make the most of all that has gone before.

Pat – Don’t Rub

The best way to treat your freshly spruced up skin it to just pat away any wetness. Rubbing can be abrasive, certainly if you are not using the softest of bath towels.

Your skin will be supple after its special treat. Caress with care and remove any moisture left on the surface. 

I haven’t time to pat, I’m in a rush!

Sorry girl! It was the wrong time for a relaxing bath. In this case, you should have had a shower.

You’ve not enough time for the next step.

Apply Moisturizer

After bath Moisturizer
your skin is ready to be spoiled some more

You have a favorite moisturizer, I am sure. Have it to hand in your bathroom essentials. Don’t leave it in the bedroom draws or elsewhere in the house. You’ll not want to go searching for it.

Now apply liberally to maintain the sensitivity and plumpness of your freshly cleansed, and feeling fabulous, body.

Pop On Some Lose Pyjamas

..or his big t-shirt and boxer shorts!

It doesn’t matter what you put on after your bath if anything at all. Just make sure whatever it is, it’s loose.

Going to bed immediately after a relaxing bath completes the relaxation procedure. 

Off to a Cool Bedroom for Sleep

A cool bedroom post bath time
Remember for a good nights sleep the optimum temperature for your bedroom is between 16-19 degrees.

Have you ever wondered why you often feel tired after getting out of the bath?

Your body has a natural body temperature rhythm known as the Circadian Rhythm. To explain most straightforwardly; your body temperature will fluctuate throughout the day, and slower lower during the night.

By taking a relaxing bath before bed, you will leave the tub with your temperature at a higher level. As it naturally lowers with your wet skin, you will begin to feel more tired.

You may have noted at the top of this article the fact that the ideal bedroom temperature is lower than around the rest of the house. Ideally between 16-19 degrees Celcius. Combined with the effect of getting out of the bath, moisturizing and popping on something loose for bed, all aid in ensuring a really restful and energizing nights sleep.

Bath Salts for Relaxation

Relaxing Bath Salts
Bath salts went out of fashion but have come back with a bang

The fact you are here on this page reading means you already know there is no better way to relax after any long day, good or bad, hard or easy, in a hot bath.

Bath salts have been around forever. They went out of fashion for some time, now they are back as a bathtime essential.

Bath salts are an excellent addition to enhance relaxation.

Essential Oils in Your Bath

Essential Oils for the bath
Essential Oils have been used for bathing since ancient times

Essential oils can be an excellent alternative to bubble baths. Oil is conducive to a relaxing bathtime.

They can help with circulations, relaxation, and can soak away the stresses and strains of whatever day you have had.

A great way to release toxins from the body in a relaxing bath. Depending on which you choose, essential oils will even invigorate and assist in relieving aches and pains.

Oils have been used in bathing since ancient times. As you might expect, I have a full guide on the use of essential oils in the bath. It includes the best to choose depending on what you are looking for.

Bath Bombs for a Relaxing Bath

Bath Bombs are excellent for relaxation
Lots more info on bath bombs throughout the site.

You are at the home of bath bombs. There are many articles on the various way bath bombs can be used. Investigate ingredients, recipes, and more from the main menu on the bathbombguide home page.

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A Few Essentials and My Favorite Things

Because there are so many places to find and so much information to go through on-site, I thought I would bring a few of the most popular items from the site, and my favorite products all in one place so you can check them out easily.

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