What Does a Bath Bomb Do?

A Bath Bomb provides an alternative to bath liquids or salts to soften the water and your skin. Whilst also scenting the bath and offering a myriad of colorful options to transform your water into a heavenly oasis of relaxation. Fizzing and foaming are part of the fun as they release essential oils, colors and additional ingredients to provide a sensory compliment to your bath time. Bath Bombs do magic!

Yeah, But What Do Bath Bombs Really Do?

Beyond wondering, “what are bath bombs“, you might have questions about what bath bombs do if you have yet to discover the sensory pleasure of one.

In this guide we cover

  • Bath Bomb effects on your skin
  • What will a bath bomb do to my bath?
  • How long for a bath bomb to dissolve
  • Which chemicals are in bath bombs
  • Why Epsom Salts are used in bath bombs
  • Why you have to be careful when seeing ‘fragrance’ in the ingredients

There are some fun, interesting facts about bath bombs too!

How about having a bath not just for the pleasure of personal hygiene but for pure, personal greed? What about for the hell of it? Just to relax in a deep, warm, colorful tub of skin-softening suds with aromas to take you to any place you can imagine?

Bath bombs can do this in so many ways. Endless combinations of color and scent are at your fingertips. Experiment, play, and enjoy.

Rose and Lavender Bath Bombs
Succulently scented relaxation at your fingertips

Created specifically as an alternative to some products that irritated skin, bath bombs have become a truly affordable luxury. Indeed, they are providing Spa-like experiences that would cost many times the price of a single spherical world of pleasure.

Bath Bomb Scents

Filling your bathroom with special treats for your nose and your bath water with oils and salts to soften any skin, bath bombs are a true wonder. Creating an ambiance in which you can feel truly spoiled, lay back, and relax into bath bomb heaven.

The range of flavors and scents is wild. Although the history of bath bombs is short, a mere 30 years since they were invented, the range of scents and flavors has exploded endlessly.

From fruits like Lime and Peach to herbal essences of Lavender and Chamomile. You can even get chocolate poop emoji varieties. And don’t get me onto the incredibly popular, rainbow-colored Unicorn Poo!

Lavender and chamomile bath bomb
Lavender and Chamomile sound infinitely more relaxing than Unicorn Poo!

How to Prepare for Your Bath Bomb Experience

Candles. You’ve got to have candles but try to keep them neutral so as not to interfere with your expected bomb aromas.

Fill your bathtub deeply. Once you have enough water and just the right temperature drop in your favorite bath bomb and let the magic happen.

The active ingredients immediately react with the water to release the colors and scent contained within. Foam and fizz abound as all the joyous relaxation aids are released.

Have a soft warm towel ready for your exit.

How Long for my Bath Bomb to Dissolve?

I know. I know! You just want to get in. And you can. It’s up to you.

If you would rather wait for your bath bomb to completely disappear, you will not have to wait long.

Bath bomb in water
A normal Bath Bomb will completely dissolve in about 5 minutes

If you waited it out, give it a little stir and dive right in.

Well, not literally dive. That would spoil everything. Slowly lowering yourself might be better!

As soon as you hit the water you will feel something else a bath bomb does. The release of salts, Epsom if you are lucky, and cornstarch. These give your bath water that silky soft feel which transfers to your skin.

If colored it will feel like a blanket of satin is surrounding you.

A bath bomb can be like a silk blanket
This is exactly what I was imagining writing that!

Lay back, close your eyes. Consume the fine fragrances and take as long as you want soaking up the ambiance your chosen bath bomb has created for you.

You may want to consider these interesting bath bomb facts whilst you soak your stresses away.

Interesting Bath Bomb Facts

Butterball is Bath Bomb Royalty

Cocoa Butter Bath Bomb
Silky Buttery Skin from Cocoa Butter Bath Bombs

OK, I have started with an opinion, not a fact, but hell, it’s a fact to me.

Butterball may be one of the most famous and longest surviving original bath bombs of them all. The combination of Cocoa Butter and Ylang Ylang Oil smells good enough to eat. And your skin will feel incredible with melted fair trade cocoa butter pieces covering every inch.

Ylang Ylang is widely used in the treatment of stress in aromatherapy. After a hard day, what more delicious treat could there be? Let your stress melt away with the Cocoa butter

Only One Type Of Glitter Bath Bomb Can be Made Each Day.

At some point in our life, either as a child or a parent, we have had to deal with Glitter.

OK fellas in the early seventies as well then!

Glitter Bath Bombs
What was it all about?

There are few things that get further and make more mess than good old glitter. It is a necessary evil in the bath bomb world. You have to try at least one glitter bomb at some point.

Love them or hate them, they are restricted to a separate room at LUSH headquarters.

As you can imagine the glitter gets everywhere and specific colors of Glitter are used for specific bombs. Whilst not in the ‘dangerous’ category of cross-contamination, producers have to be careful to maintain the quality of their product.

18,000,000 Bath Bombs Were Made, by Hand, in 2017 at LUSH

You may have wondered how many bath bombs the world’s biggest bath bomb producer make. Well, here is your answer.  Eighteen Million of the suckers in 2017, the majority from the factory in Poole, Dorset.

And as each bath bomb is handmade, each and every one is truly unique.

800 members of staff in Poole can produce over 100,000 items per day

Bath bombs
This isn’t all 18 million you understand!

What Will The Chemicals Do To My Bath?

Absolutely nothing! In fact, the ingredients of a bath bomb are less harmful than you might find in some bath products as long as you are diligent in sourcing.

You may, of course, get some discoloration around the bath from the oils and the colorings when drained. Oh and some of your skin I expect. And Dirt!

It will all come off with your normal bathroom cleaning routine. It may be as well not to leave the bath uncleaned for a length of time or have multiple bath bomb experiences before cleaning.

Why Do Some Bath Bombs Have Epsom Salts and What Are They?

Epsom Salt is not actually salt. At least not salt as you know it. Epsom however, may ring a bell and yes, it is Epsom in Surrey in the UK. The product is named from the saline spring in the commuter belt town.

Actually a natural mixture of magnesium and sulfate, Epsom Salt is used for a variety of things both in the house and garden and in beauty products.

Boasting a range of health benefits including reducing inflammation and can relieve the pain of migraine headaches.

You can see why Epsom Salt as a Bath Bomb ingredient is perfect for enhancing relaxation and recovery.

What Do Bath Bombs Do To The Environment?

We can not vouch for any manufacturer either in the professional work or the DIYers but the main base ingredients of a Bath Bomb are perfectly safe. Both Environmentally and for you, there should few concerns unless you have a specific allergy to any of them.

Bicarbonate of Soda, or Baking Soda and Citric Acid are the main elements and make 50% of your bomb. They also provide the fizz!

The remainder of the ingredients provide the fragrance and the color, and this is where it can get tricky without any assurance from lesser-known manufacturers. Especially when it comes to the scent.

Bath Bomb frangrance
Have a good ‘nose’ for undisclosed fragrance ingredients.

Sometimes you will not know the ingredients in the fragrance

There is a legal loophole where the actual ingredients of a fragrance do not have to be disclosed on labeling. This is in place to protect certain blends for brands. Thankfully most bath bomb manufacturers are more than happy to disclose the ingredients that make their bombs sell. So don’t worry.

If you do react to a particular bath bomb and it irritates, check the ingredients, and try to avoid those making up the fragrance in your next purchase.

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