What to Do With Old Wax Melts: Recycle, Repurpose, or Throw Away? 

Wax melts are wonderful additions to our homes, in many cases – however, it can often be a little tricky to work out what to do with old wax melts once they’ve lost their delightful scents. This is something that’s understandably vague; however, we don’t think it should have to be this way. As such, today, we’re looking at what you could do with old wax melts to give them a new lease of life. Reuse, repurpose, or just throw them away and buy new – what’s the answer here? It’s not always clear, but we hope today’s guide will give you a little more inspiration. 

What to Do With Old Wax Melts 

So, your favorite wax melts are running out of juice, as it were. If you find yourself in a position where your wax melts aren’t up to the job, don’t panic; there are numerous excellent ways you can use your wax melts again.

Reusing Wax Melts 

Reusing wax melts is one of the most obvious ways to make the most of them. Indeed, it’s often easy to overlook how easy it is to give your wax melts a new lease of life simply by melting them down again, infusing your favorite blend of essential oils, and then using them as you would have done before! Indeed, wax melts offer so much potential, in many cases, which could be well worth considering as part of your decision. 

Melting down wax melts is exceptionally easy, and you can keep reusing them as many times as you want really. With repeated melting, you may begin to notice that the overall texture of the wax begins to shift ever so slightly – but, since we’re only using the wax for wax melts here anyway, this doesn’t really make much difference!

Remember: warmed wax cannot evaporate itself, but the scents from within your wax melts will (that’s how they infuse with the air in your home in the first place). As such, with a little creativity and time, you can continually replenish your wax melts for a long-term solution that won’t leave you buying new all the time.

The simplest way to melt your wax once it’s been used up is to use a bain marie method, where you place the wax in a glass bowl over a saucepan of boiling water and let the steam melt the wax slowly. Then, once it’s all melted, simply stir in a small amount of your favorite essential oils blends and pour the wax into molds to solidify again. It’s really that easy.

Recycling Wax Melts

Not sure you want to make wax melts again, or already have a collection of pre-made wax melts ready to go? No problem – you could reuse your old wax melts for many different purposes, which could include:

  • Making scented pouches
  • To freshen up your bin or bathroom
  • Making firestarters out of pine cones or egg cartons
  • Creating wax seals for letters (for a little extra touch of class)
  • Decorating jars and vases with dripped wax – especially if the wax is colored first

These are just a few simple ideas for what to do with old wax melts if you don’t really feel like making new melts or scented candles. However, the opportunities are numerous; for example, if you generally like crafting, you could use the old wax as a lubricant to coat necklaces when threading beads. It’s really up to you how you intend to use the wax melts.

But remember: if stored in a cupboard safely, your wax melts will last for a long time before beginning to go dry or brittle, so if you don’t have time to reuse or recycle them now, you may just want to hang onto them for a little while until you have more free time.

Disposing of Wax Melts

Generally speaking, reusing or recycling wax melts requires a little creativity, so if you’re not the sort of person who enjoys crafting or if you simply don’t have the time on your hands at the minute to do so, you may need to simply throw out your old wax melts instead. Of course, this can be a shame, but sometimes it’s better than leaving things lying around.

However, as an alternative, it could be worthwhile to post on local groups to see whether anyone near you might be interested in taking the used wax melts off of your hands for their own crafting projects for free; it helps give the wax melts another leave of life, and you can rest easy knowing you haven’t contributed any more to landfill than you absolutely need to.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been wondering what to do with old wax melts, several different options are available to you. And, while you could just throw the old wax melts away and buy new ones, we’re pretty sure your old wax melts could carry on serving you excellently for a little while longer yet! So, don’t automatically rule out your wax melts once they’ve begun losing their scent and fragrance; you could actually transform these seemingly wasted pieces of wax into your next spa-day experience!

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