What’s the Difference Between Bubble Bars and Bath Bombs?

When it comes to enjoying a luxurious spa-like experience at bath time, it’s important to ensure you’ve got the right tools in place to make your time enjoyable.

However, in many scenarios, finding the optimal solutions for your own bathing experience can seem tough – and one such decision that you’ll need to make is between a bubble bar vs bath bombs.

While these both offer potentially excellent solutions and can create plenty of bubbles in the bathtub, it’s not always clear which could be right for your needs.

Luckily, if this is the case for you, our experts are on hand today to help you decide which solution might be the most suited! 

What are Bubble Bars and Bath Bombs?

Before we can go any further, we should first consider the most obvious question: what are bubble bars and bath bombs?

Bath bombs are large, spherical products that slowly fizz when added to the water of your bathtub.

Meanwhile, a bubble bar – though similar – work a little differently; they typically dissolve much more rapidly, meaning that substantially less is required to transform your soak into a blissful experience.

However, it’s perhaps worth noting that bubble bars typically don’t produce quite the same type of final finish as bath bombs on the surface of the water.

Instead, they result in vast amounts of bubbles, making a highly enjoyable bathing experience as a result.

A beautiful colored bubble bath and scents from bath bombs are possible.

The Differences Between Bubble Bars and Bath Bombs

At this point, we’ve outlined briefly the main features of the reusable bubble bar and bath bombs.

However, how do these two products differ?

This isn’t always entirely straightforward to understand; still, the differences are generally quite apparent.

Bath bombs are best known for their main feature of transforming the bathwater into a vibrant and colorful soak with small bubbles on the surface.

Meanwhile, a bubble bar will create bubbles in abundance

Aside from the functional differences between bubble bars and bath bombs, there are also slight differences in how they are used and work.

For example, while you typically put a bath bomb into the bathwater whole, with bubble bars, it’s often best to just break up a small amount and let this dissolve under running water, swirling it around as it goes, it will create even more bubbles with less product.

Using the whole bubble bar in one go could easily overfill the hot bath with bubbles, so it’s worth taking a more cautious approach.

So be careful how much you put in or you could have the bubble bath from hell!

How to Use Bubble Bars and Bath Bombs

Using a bubble bar or bath bomb is fortunately surprisingly easy.

Bath bombs are the easiest of all; simply unwrap them and gently dip them into the water, then watch as the bath bomb slowly begins to fizz and dissolve in the water.

As it does so, the water should soon become covered in a layer of color from the bath bomb itself and you’ll have yourself a super smooth, relaxing and colorful bubble bath.

Alternatively, using most bubble bars is also surprisingly simple.

Break a little off into your bath water, and then swirl the water around to ensure even dispersion. This results in a substantial amount of bubbles being produced, helping transform your warm bath into a relaxing soak and ensuring that you’re able to put your feet up, relax, and really enjoy the experience.

Which Product is Right for You? 

Which is right for you? This often isn’t necessarily an easy decision to make, but there are several differences that could help you decide on the optimal solutions for your own relaxation needs. 

Perhaps the most notable of all is whether you want a relaxing bubble bath or a smooth, silky soak.

In the case of the former, a bubble bar could be ideal option to consider.

Alternatively, for the latter, bath bombs are the clear winner. However, this varies depending on the quality of the products, so always aim to source the highest-quality products you can find.

Moreover, it may be worth considering the price.

Indeed, while a luxurious bath bomb soak can be highly enjoyable, it can often be much more expensive – meanwhile, a bubble bar, since it’s usually broken into smaller pieces, might be significantly more affordable as it can be used over and over.

Where to Buy Bubble Bars and Bath Bombs

Once you’ve decided on whether you’d prefer a bubble bar or a bath bomb, you’ll need to consider where to source these. Of course, this may vary somewhat depending on local availability; however, stores such as Lush are often among the most popular. 

However, countless other excellent Lush alternatives could similarly provide excellent products. Moreover, if you have the time, you could even create your very own bath bombs and bubble bars with just a handful of ingredients and some essential oils.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been trying to decide between solid bubble bars vs. bath bombs for your bubble baths, there’s a lot to think about. However, this decision isn’t always an easy one, which is why we cannot stress highly enough the importance of deciding between these two. Still, both are excellent solutions for some bath art, so if you’re not quite sure, why not give both a try in warm water – it might just help you find the ideal solution for your own spa time!

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