6 Reasons Why Shower Steamers are So Worth it!

Shower steamers are only beginning to gain traction outside of the aromatherapy niche. Tidy small discs of super ingredients to dissolve away as the shower water comes into contact, much like a bath bomb does, shower steamers are the perfect alternative for the spa-like experience, whenall you have time for is a shower.

Given that taking a shower is a quicker process than having a bath and perhaps using a bath bomb, the question remains, are shower steamers really worth it?

Shower steamers are less aesthetically pleasing than bath bombs, but they are also more practical and therefore worth the small expense of utilizing them. The oils in a shower steamer are relaxing and great for soothing stress or minor aches or just to perk you up and make you feel good.

Keep reading to learn more about the established benefits of shower steamers. 

The Top Six Benefits of Shower Steamers 

Using shower steamers is a great way to test the benefits of aromatherapy, which people have been doing to relieve mild aches and anxieties for centuries.

Your choice of shower steamer will begin with consideration of the ingredients and perceived pleasures or benefits of what has been used to make the ones you choose.

The following six benefits are the main selling points of shower streamers:

1. Shower Steamers Are Practical 

While a bath bomb dissolving can be quite pretty, bathing and waiting for the bath bomb to dissolve is too time-consuming to do it very often. Bath bombs also cause you to run and use more water. 

Shower steamers have a lot of the same benefits that bath bombs do, and they are more practical than bath bombs.

Shower steamers are easier to start using, they do not run the risk of staining your shower or your skin. This product requires less time and water to work and come out a great deal cheaper than bath bombs too.

The practicality of being able to have a short, sharp spa experience, even when you’re in a hurry is handy, and even if that shower steamer hasn’t completely gone at the end of your shower, you can leave it right where it is and come back and enjoy it again next time.

2. Shower Steamers Smell Good

Shower steamers come in a variety of pleasant scents that will make your shower much more enjoyable. For many users, the wide selection of good smells alone makes shower steamers a must have. 

Why do Shower Steamers Smell So Good?

Shower steamers smell great because on contact with water they release essential oils or fragrances used in the production. This mingles with the steam and air and provides relaxing or invigorating aromas, of the type you choose when purchasing the product.

Studies have demonstrated that pleasant smells can reduce physiological stress and are associated with pleasant memories and emotions, so using shower steamers in some of your favorite scents is a great way to enrich your environment and boost your mentality at the start or the end of your day. 

3. Shower Steamers Relax You

Shower steamers can be invigorating but varieties also include recipes and ingredients to assist you in relaxing.

They make showering feel less like a chore and more like a special treat, even if you are in a hurry. What better way to start the day and prepare mentally for the rigours of work or play with your favourite scents and oils.

Or at the end of that day, your favoured aromas to prepare you for a night on the sofa in front of the TV, or cuddled up with a loved one, glass of wine or a good book.

While shower streamers are practical, they still seem like an indulgence since they increase positivity and reduce stress.

Some people find shower steamers so relaxing that they prefer to use them at night, as the soothing smells, increase in positive and clear thoughts, and heat from the shower makes it much easier to sleep. Better sleep also allows you to further reduce and deal with stress. 

4. Shower Steamers Do not Leave Oils on Your Skin

Shower steamers provide all the luxury and aromatherapy benefits of essential oils with them having to come into contact with your skin.

If concerns of the effects of essential oils on your skin when using bath bombs is a consideration for you, then rest assured, with the mechanics of a shower steamer, you do not run the risk of any reaction to the oils contained int he product. not from a dermatological perspective anyway.

Because the oils are released into the air, you may gain some trace contact with them through the steam in the shower, but in comparison to a bath bomb which releases the oils directly into the water you are submerged in and therefore directly onto your skin, it is a far safer process

Shower Steamers use less essential oils, and it is not directly coming into contact with your skinBATHBOMBGUIDE

In addition, because shower steamers are much smaller, they will use much less essential oils, and the aromas, should not be too overwhelming either

5. Shower Steamers Can Relieve Congestion

Some scents that most shower streamers come in do an excellent job of relieving congested sinuses. Eucalyptus and peppermint are two of the most common oils and scents that help make it a bit easier to breathe by cutting through the congestion and the pressure. 

As such, these shower steamer scents provide some relief for headaches, allergies, and cold and flu symptoms.

6. Shower Steamers Last Longer than Bath Bombs

A great benefit of shower steamers when compared with bath bombs is that they last longer.

Despite their diminutive appearance, and indeed, they are much smaller than a bath bomb, side by side, they last longer for a few reasons.

because the shower steamer is not entirely immersed in water, they can be used in a shower, and have not dissolved completly by the time your shower has completed.

This will leave you some more shower steamer, for your nest or even subsequent shower to that, emaning they last longer and you get more bang for buck.

If you pop it right in the middle and it gets a ton of water then it will react and disoolve quickly and may not last for more than one visit to the shoer cubivle

However, if you you place it on the peroiphery of where the water may come int contact the release of all the goodness, oils and scents will be mush slower, making for a longer last shower steamer fizzy tablet than you might ordinarily experience.


Using this product is also an excellent way to try a mild form of aromatherapy for anyone who is still skeptical of the benefits. 

Shower steamers will uplift your mood, provide relaxation or invigoration. These steamers offer many of the same benefits as bath bombs, and although shower streamers may not be as pretty, they eat up less of your water bill and your time.

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