Shower Steamers: What they Are, How to Use Them, and Why You’ll Love Them!

We all know about bath bombs in this day and age, but there’s a significant challenge here for many of us: we don’t have a bath! Whether it’s a personal preference for a shower or if the issue is that you genuinely do not have a bath in your home, this can be a real frustration. Fortunately, shower steamers are a brand new product on the market and are rapidly taking the relaxation world by storm! With this in mind, today, we’re looking at some of the key things you should know about shower steamers, including what they are, how to use them, and why you’ll love using them the next time you indulge in a hot, soothing shower.

What are Shower Steamers, and What Do They Do?

Before we can go any further with today’s guide, the first question we absolutely need to answer is: what are shower steamers, and what do they do? This is often something people are unaware of, and it’s not surprising. After all, while we understand how bath bombs work easily, it’s much harder to imagine how this could translate to a shower. 

Shower steamers are similar to bath bombs, but they’re not entirely the same. Typically made in the shape of round discs, shower steamers react and fizz when in contact with droplets of water from your shower, releasing a relaxing and soothing combination of essential oils and aromas into your shower. In turn, this can transform a typically dull shower into something quite luxurious!

How to Use Shower Steamers 

Using shower steamers is incredibly easy. You don’t need to do any special preparation; simply put them somewhere in your shower (somewhere you won’t slip on them, of course!) and let the shower water activate the steamer. Your shower will soon be transformed into a blissful and relaxing soak; however, we recommend keeping the shower steamer out of direct contact with the water for best results. This helps prolong the life of your shower steamer, so you can continue enjoying a blissful experience as a result.

Why You’ll Love Using Shower Steamers 

We love shower steamers ourselves, and we’re pretty confident that you will too. Indeed, shower steamers are ideal for making any shower a much more luxurious and pampering experience. Their unique blends of essential oils help transform your bath into one that’s truly exquisite, with essential oils providing countless potential therapeutic benefits. Essential oils such as lavender, for example, are well-known for their relaxing properties, making it hard not to love a shower steamer.

Tips for Getting the Most Out Of Your Shower Steamers

When using your shower steamers, it’s worth following the tips presented below to ensure you’re getting the best results. Indeed, in many cases, shower steamers vary significantly from make to make, so be sure you’re buying a good one to begin with.

When buying a shower steamer online, past reviews are one of the best tools you can use. In many cases, these past reviews from other customers can give you a clear insight into whether the shower steamer is genuine and of a high quality. In turn, this may help you avoid buying a shower steamer that’s not as potent, helping you find those steamers that are better value for money instead.

As we’ve already mentioned, reducing the shower steamer’s exposure to water is worthwhile to prolong its action. A quick dampening of the shower steamer should be enough to get it working; leaving it directly in the water during your shower could result in the steamer running out in a matter of minutes (and potentially producing an overwhelming amount of essential oils).

Finally, once your shower is done, be sure to dry your shower steamer thoroughly before exposing it to moisture again to ensure it has as long a life as possible. This simple change can help ensure that your shower steamer keeps filling your bathroom with blissful scents for numerous showers while reducing the pressure on your wallet. Alternatively, don’t overlook the value of making your own homemade shower steamers and bath bombs – it’s surprisingly simple!

FAQs About Shower Steamers

1 How long will my shower steamer last in the shower?

If you keep your shower steamer under the water in the shower, it will likely last for about five minutes. Keep the shower steamer out of the direct flow of water to increase its lifespan tremendously!

2 How do I add essential oils to my shower steamers?

If you’re buying pre-made shower steamers, these usually come with essential oils mixed in already. However, if you are making homemade shower steamers, a small volume of essential oils – up to a teaspoon, depending on the oils’ strength and the size of your batch – should be more than enough.

3 Can I add color to my shower steamers?

If you’re making homemade shower steamers, you could absolutely add a little natural food coloring to make the shower steamers a little more exciting!

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