13 Bath Bombs for Men (Why They’ll Love Them & Where to Buy)

We are well into the twenty-first century, cosmetics and man grooming are very much part of the day to day life, but have we yet decided, are bath bombs for men?

The haven of relaxation that is a bath bomb bath is not the exclusive territory of the ladies. Bath bombs are for men too, and with a huge range of scented bath bombs available to suit any taste, guys can enjoy their own spa-like bathtub experience with men’s bath bombs.

Take a look at these bath bombs for men

Best Bath Bombs for Men

Here I present some bath bombs for guys, and sets I discovered on a trawl of the internet to find some good bath bombs for him.

To say the selection is limited is an understatement. Through lack of demand or what, I don’t know, but there should be a bigger selection of bath bombs for boys. Unless of course, they are loving the vanilla and shea butter more!

The Gamer Dad Bath Bomb Set

Great idea for Dad’s. This set is packaged for father’s day as a gift and includes a selection of bath bombs and one shaped like a game controller.

Pretty Cool idea available on Etsy

Relax with the BIG BLUE Bath Bomb from Lush

This is ultimate relaxation time with this big bath bomb from LUSH.

With sea salt and seaweed, for some detoxification as well as Lavender and Lemon oils, this bath bomb is going to provide you with the perfect opportunity to relax, de-stress and rejuvenate after a long day at work.

WORD OF WARNING!!! – This bath bomb has a TON of seaweed inside which it releases as it dissolves. This is going to leave a pretty big mess in the bath when it has drained, not to mention what will have hit the drain anyway – If you can find a cheesecloth bath, or something to catch the seaweed, it may prevent the stress of clearing up after you’ve de-stressed with it!

All Natural Bath Bomb Set for Men

Next up we have a selection of 6 bath bombs for men, presented as all natural with a range of ‘exciting’ scents and colors. OK, the color isn’t exciting, but we can build up these ‘flavors’.

I’m not personally a huge fan of cedarwood, but the ‘Masculinity’ with bergamot sounds awesome.

The one that leaves me scratching my head a little is the ‘Coffee’ bath bomb. I LUURVE Coffee, but I’m not so certain I want to spend 30 minutes up to my neck in it. Still, we will see.

This set of 6 bath bombs come in very reasonably too from Relaxcation

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Giant Grump Bombs

So these are an ideal gift for men, when you are struggling to think what to buy them.

A huge grumpy black bath bomb, they can take off to the small room and relax in the bath with and hopefully emerge less grump than when they entered.

As much fun as this bath bomb looks to be, it actually smells great, although it is dark and will turn the bathwater black – What’s new!?

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Sporting Bath Bombs Gift Ideas

Are you wondering what to buy the man in the house, or even a gift for the sports fan – This range of sporting bath bombs are a perfect gift and cover a range of the most popular sports.

Golf Balls Bath Bombs

These have to be the ultimate gift idea for the golf loving man in your family. Seriosuly, how many golf based gifts have you bought, and now you’ve run out of ideas.

Search no more, bath bombs for golf fans are here

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This is the greatest bath bomb for men, so long as he is a golf fan. Also a great idea for Golf Club booby prizes, raffles, fund raisers and more.

Tee him up, and score a hole in one for the best golf based gift idea right now.

Basketball Bath Bomb Set

Got a hoops fan in the family, then this is a great bath bomb gift idea for him.

These bath bombs designed to look like basketballs [roughly], and contain Epsom Salts to aid muscle relief and rejuvenation. They are a great choice of bath bomb for teenagers who are into their sport, and specifically Basketball.

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Soccer Ball Bath Bombs

These are soccer ball shaped bath bombs for the soccer fan in the family.

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Of course that doesn’t have to be the man of the house either, the kids will love them, and what a perfect gift for the sporty girl in the family.

Plain white, they will not stain the bath water but the fresh scents are incredible. Don’t be misled by the image, these are about the size of a Tennis Ball, so plenty large enough too – A great Gift idea!

Baseball Bath Bombs

You’ll hit a homey with these baseball themed bath bombs

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You get a good deal of fizz with these baseball bath bombs and the scent is not flowery making them perfect for everyone. A more fruity smell is what these offer.

The only downside is they only come in a pack of three, and then you’re OUT!

Zombie Balls Bath Bombs

Walking Dead fans might be thrilled to recieve a surprise bath bomb gift set with a Zombie theme!

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Over the Hill – Age Related Bath Bombs

I don’t have to go into what these bath bombs are called, the packaging does that just fine. Do you have a male relative with a sense of humor and a few years under his belt? These may be a good bath bomb gift for him.

See Availability and price on Amazon

The perfect gift to get your man feeling young and rejuvenated, but be careful with the packaging, it could cause offence.

Smart Ass Bath Bomb

Do you know someone clever, or someone who thinks they are smarter than they really are. Introducing the bath bombs for smart asses.

See Price on Amazon

A great bath bomb gift idea for someone graduating perhaps, or just that wide cracking sarcastic individual at work.

Super fizzing action, in black and red, the scent is black cherry, and all the normal relaxation benefits of a bath bomb are included as standard. Enjoy.

Grandpa Balls Bath Bombs

OK, so we have reached the pinnacle in novelty bath bomb gift ideas.

This is a perfect set of Root beer scented grandpa Balls to relax and soak in the bath with

See price on Amazon

If there was ever a production brainstorming session I would have loved to have been at, it would be the one that came up with this idea. And uite how root beer was associated with grandpa’s balls I’ll never know. It will never be the same soft drink for me again.

Got a friend who needs a novelty gift they can ut to good use. get them some grandpa balls to sit in the bath with!

Bath Bombs for Hipsters

If there was ever a male grooming product gift idea for men, it has to be the hipster bath bomb gift set for men.

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Gender-neutral, Lavender-scented, these yellow and purple bath bombs for men, are the perfect gift idea when you are stuck for ideas.

Are Bath Bombs for Men?

Is there such a thing as a Male Bath Bomb? Well of course, and this guide is going to help you decide what a great mens gift idea this will be, and what to look for for the man in your life.

This doesnt just come down to color and scent, there are lots of other goodies that be included in bath bombs, so that he can enjoy his bath bomb on his own, or perhaps you can both get some benefits!

How Do You make Bath Bombs for Men?

If you are looking to make DIY bath bombs for men, then simply make them as you normally would, with the base ingredients of Citric Acid and Baking Soda.

You might want to think beyond this, with how much SLSa you want to use for creating bubbles, but don’t worry, guys like bubbles as much as the next [wo]man.

Where you might want to differ is in the color or especially the scents from essential oils, but do not presume that a man doesn’t want muscle relief or stress relief from Lavendar or Ylang-Ylang even if they don’t wan’t to carry the scent around after.

Do Men Really Like Taking Baths?

More than you know according to Brian Donovan. It is a time for reflection, consideration and planning.

And a fair amount of dreaming too!

Is it Normal for Guys to take baths?

Well, the shower is probably the preferred method of cleansing, especially for the sporty type, but the bath is not 100% the cleansing experience the TV ads would have you believe.

The bath is for getting away from it all [and the kids] for a little bit. As ALLAN RIPP in Menshealth said better than I could ever have put the sentence together…

Baths, after all, are for little kids, muddy dogs and women with long legs to admire

Ideal Time for a Man Bath with a Bath Bomb

Totally! Run the bath. 92f Remember – Close the door, lock it if needed. Drop the bomb and then the backside into the tub, a just think of football, cars or anything else and enjoy that man time in the bath, with your bomb, whatever the color, the scent.

Just don’t do the glittery one!

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A Few Essentials and My Favorite Things

Because there are so many places to find and so much information to go through on-site, I thought I would bring a few of the most popular items from the site, and my favorite products all in one place so you can check them out easily.

Bath Bomb Maker

Take your bath bomb making to the next level and go from making 10 in a day to 10 in just a few minutes. The B-3 Bath Bomb Machine is the best on the market and helps turn around orders in super quick time

Bath Bombs for Men

Go figure this is the most popular area of the website, guys love bath bombs or you ladies like buying them for him.


The biggest problem often for bath bomb makers or soap makers is the humidity. This 4500 Sq Ft model from Amazon, is more than big enough for most bath bomb makers and can be used for the entire basement or anywhere else in the house.


The one thing you will need if you are making bath bombs, shower steamer or homemade soap is some good and reliable digital scales so your measurements can be as precise as digitally possible. These Kitchen Scales are from Amazon’s Choice, and they are mine too, as they are solid, reliable and inexpensive.

I hope you find everything you have come to Bath Bomb Guide to look for and enjoy the site.

My Favourite Bath Bombs

This is my favorite bath treat set from Amazon which includes a bath bomb, salts, and more, It is the perfect all-round package, all of which are included here on the bath bomb guide site, in the various sections

Turkish Cotton Towels

My towels are one of my favorite things. A soft, fluffy Turkish bath sheet to wrap up in is the best compliment to a bath or shower. Sometimes I just take it out of the cupboard and wrap up on the couch watching TV! Being Turkish cotton they last really well.

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