Solid Reasons why Home Made Soap is Better than Store-Bought.

Many people choose to buy store-bought soap, but is it really better than homemade soap? In this post we will discuss the difference between homemade and store-bought soaps. We will also delve into the manufacturing process for each, as well as the cost of both (so you can see which is more affordable). Finally, we’ll highlight why homemade soap is actually better than store-bought!

Home Made Soap is better than store-bought mainly because you know exactly what ingredients have gone into your bar. Commercial production of soap found in stores keeps costs down by using chemicals you can avoid, and not the luxury ingredients you want when making homemade soap.

Read on to find out the reasons that homemade soap is better and some more information on what you can include, and exclude, that you don’t have a choice with on the store shelves.

1. Home-made soap is soap and not detergent.

The process of saponification, that is, the process of conversion of fats or oils into soap involves combining a base ingredient that dissolves in water to animal or other fats. Lye is the most common ingredient for homemade soap, moving on from rather more basic ingredients when soap was originally created.

To make things a little more luxurious, fragrant essential oils and colorants are added to make the bars smell and look more attractive.

The saponification process is the key to homemade soap being real soap as opposed to store-bought products, which are little more than chemical detergents, with further artificial products to color and fragrance

2. Store-Bought Soap is Different

Soap on the shelves of the stores, in the main, are chemically produced and packed full of artificial ingredients to be able to mass-produce at speed and scale very cheap products which can then be sold for the maximum amount of profit.

There is nothing wrong with commercial soap products per-se, and business is business, but you don’t know exactly what those chemicals are, what they do and the effect they might have on your asking.

 Sure, you will have a favorite, but I will wager you’ve decided on your favorite through a process of trial and error, where one bar might leave your skin dry or itchy, another, encourage you asking to be greasy until you’ve found the one you are relatively happy with.

With homemade soap, you know you can add nourishing Glycerin and other healthy for your skin products that will cause irritation or skin damage.

3. Homemade Soap Won’t dry Your Skin Out

The chances are when you make your own homemade soap you will not bemaking the shortcuts that commercial enterprises will, and leave out important, skin-nourishing ingredients, that help moisturize like Glycerin.

If you have ever used a store-bought soap product and found that your skin feels tight and dry after use, and I bet you have, you’ll soon be reaching for a moisturizing product containing glycerin to make your skin feel better and less dry.

Always ensuring that you use a natural moisturizer like Glycerin in your homemade soap means you never get that dry skin soap again.

4. Home Made Soap and Can Look, Feel & Smell Just as You Want it to

Find a good farmers’ market or organic store and the soap bars you come across will come in all sorts of shapes colors and smells.

This is the beauty of small-scale soap-making at home. You can choose how your soap bar will look. You can decide ahead of time what color you would like it to be and create the perfect finish with trial and error of natural colorants, should you choose.

Finally, when you add your fragrance, you can do so with natural essential oil, and not have to accept chemically produced fragrances often found in store-bought soap.

Indeed, you can even go fragrance-free and just have a beautiful-looking neutral fragrance homemade soap bar.

5. Environmentally Friendly

It goes without saying that is you are using natural ingredients at home when making soap, the resulting discarded product and lather from your soap is going to be much more environmentally friendly than the artificially produced ingredients often found in store-bought soap.

If you are considering making your own soap, for your personal use, to give to family and friends as gifts, or even to begin a small craft soap making business, the chances are you are environmentally friendly minded and will want to be taking care to use only natural biodegradable ingredients in your soap.

This is a huge difference between store-bought and homemade soap production.

Oh, and there will be no plastic packaging either – Double earth-friendly soap.

6. Choose your Own Homemade Soap Designs.

Whether it is shape, color or aroma, you have complete control over how you want your soap, to be presented for yourself, as a gift or artisan product for sale.

You can choose to create a simple or intricate design – you’re the boss!

There is a huge range of molds that can be used to create different sized and shaped bars, and then when it comes to color or additional ingredients for either decoration or exfoliating properties, your imagination is your only limitation.

You can also decide how much moisturizing properties your soap will have.

You are in complete control of how it looks. You can design your bespoke soap bars to suit the decoration in your bathroom. Imagine how your friends or family will feel when they see you have made a product that is not only natural, homemade with love by your own hands, but also matches the decor on their home.

What a thoughtful, creative, caring, and clever homemade soap maker you are!!

You could even take small batch orders from anyone who would like to buy your homemade natural products to match their bathroom color schemes.

Summary – Making Home Made Soap is More Fun Than Buying it

There are plenty of good reasons here why making your own soap at home is a great option to avoid, synthetic ingredients, and to have complete control of what’s in your soap, the environmental impact, not to mention cost. So have a go at your own soap making, and find out, how you can create cheap and better quality soap than you buy in store.

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