Are Bath Bombs Safe – What To Look For

Bath bombs are a fantastic product that can be a lot of fun, a touch of luxury, and certainly will aid in relaxation in the bathtub. However, there are some cautions to be undertaken to ensure that the bath bomb you are using is safe.

Bath bombs can generally be considered safe products, however, if you have sensitive skin or known allergies, you should check the ingredients and attempt to understand what additional fragrances have been used so as to avoid potential skin irritation

What to Avoid in Bath Bombs

  • Benzene Derivitives
  • phthalates
  • Talc
  • Parabens
  • Artifical colorants

Most of the list above are not easy to spot and they certainly will not be listed on the ingredients label, so what should you do?

The simple go-to approach is to search our organic or vegan Bath Bombs, pay a little extra and ensure that every ingredient is listed on the label.

Do not accept a label that has ‘fragrance’ written on it. It may well be that it is perfectly fine, but it may also be that synthetic chemicals have been used to provide the perfume on your bath bomb. Stuff you would never sit in a bath with normally.

Bath Bomb Safety and You

Bath bombs are little packages crammed full of a ton of chemicals. The majority of which you find either in your pantry, or in a local store, but how can you be sure the bath bomb you have is safe for all of the possible uses it may have, who it may come in contact with?

From yourself, your body parts, your children and theirs. What happens if you have acne or eczema? Or what effect will it have on your hair, or girls, breastfeeding or your vagina?

Every aspect of bath bomb safety is covered below, and if I haven’t covered it, get in touch, and I’ll investigate

Are Bath Bombs Safe for Kids?

Kids love bath bombs, imagine the fun and delight at a fizzy bomb that not only helps convince your little ones to get in the bath but has great properties for their young skin too.

But would you want to drop your little one in a mix of chemicals that could harm their health? Substances that can contribute to ADHD issues? Well of course not.

You may think the chemicals that create the fizz and reaction to the water could be harmful when in fact they are probably the two safest ingredients in the bomb. They are in fact, Bicarbonate of Soda, and Citric acid. Two things you are more likely to digest in food than spend bath time with.

No, it’s the other stuff you need to worry about. What makes the fragrance, the color, and those tiny little bits of glitter you sometimes see.

Ensure the fragrance of the bath bomb is natural and listed on the label, ensure the colorant is natural and there is no glitter and your kids can enjoy fizzy bath time as often as they like.

Are Bath Bombs safe for Babies

I know what you are thinking, a mini spa for you and babe with the hope they fall soundly asleep after and your relaxing afternoon can continue. Well, how safe is it to share a bath bomb with your baby.

Sorry to shatter the dreamlike idea there, but we would not recommend bath bomb use for babies.

Even the kinder chemicals that have no effect on normal skin can still be an irritant to your baby. Baby skin is so much thinner and developing and the slightest irritation, as I am sure you have already found, can be quite discomforting for baby. And any thoughts of relaxation in that situation can be soundly discarded.

If you are absolutely set on a bath bomb spa with your baby, head over to Lush Cosmetics. The original bath bomb manufacturer. They have a range of bath bombs for babies that are kinder and softer to babies’ skin which contains no sulfates.

Go for fragrance and color free and you are as safe as you can get.

Bath Bombs During Pregnancy

According to Lush, if you take a bath bomb and use it as instructed they will be perfectly safe to use in the tub whilst pregnant.

Lush are confident that all ingredients they use in their bath bombs are safe even though in some cases the ingredients for the fragrance are not clearly stated. Something I always advise against.

So again the safer option may be to look for organic or vegan bath bombs from professional manufacturers who have EVERY ingredient clearly listed with their products.

Of course, there are other considerations around baths whilst pregnant, one being to not have your water too hot, a situation that is also advised if you are planning for pregnancy too.

So, are bath bombs safe when pregnant? If you follow our advice above, you should have no trouble.

What Will a Bath Bomb do to My Vagina?

As much as we love them and the pleasure they can bring, your vagina can also have a mind of its own. Will your favorite bath bomb and vagina get on?

As much as we love a soak with a really active bath bomb spewing the colors of the rainbow, not to mention more glitter than the ’70s, is our vagina enjoying the experience as much as us?

The answer is almost certainly NO!

Forget the glitter and perfume for now, and some experts state that the Baking Soda in bath Bombs can play havoc with your vagina’s natural PH.

The vagina is naturally acidic [I know!] and the chemicals in you bath bomb are more alkaline, thus neutralizing the acidity and lowering the healthy PH level that works to prevent irritation and possible infection.

That said, a good rinse with fresh water, or maybe even a quick shower after your bath bomb spa will help negate these issues, however…

Quick Question. Would you spray perfume on your vagina?

OK, for those that said yes. STOP!, For those that said NO!, there is your answer. The same goes for glitter. Are you about to chuck a tub of glitter at her?

So stay away from perfumed and glitter bath bombs straight away. Go for organic and color-free and your lady parts will be ever so grateful.

Are Bath Bombs Safe Whilst Breastfeeding?

There are no issues with using bath bombs whilst breastfeeding but simply use common sense.

Ensure the essential oils and fragrances are not too heavy. If you have used a bath bomb very recently before a feeding session, you might want to be more vigilant with your pre-feed sanitization.

Breastmilk contains antibacterial properties anyway, but it would always be better for the baby if your nipple didn’t taste like lavender to start with.

Although this is more likely to put the baby off a meal rather than have adverse health effects.

Bath Bomb Safety and Health

Bath Bombs and Acne

That random affliction is the bane of many a teenage life, but overall, clean skin is one of the best tonics in taking on acne. Achieved with the assistance of essential oil delivery, you may even be able to treat your acne, particularly ‘bacne’ with essential oil-loaded bath bombs.

Essential Oils for Acne

Tea Tree Oil.

Tea tree oil is great for acne as it contains terpenes. They fight germs and stimulate the immune system. Now, whilst coconut oil might be something to be avoided if you have acne, because it is comedogenic, there is something different when used with Tea Tree Oil. So tea Tree with Coconut oil combined in a bath bomb would have good properties to fight.

Lavender Essential Oil

Not only does it smell nice, but lavender oil has antibacterial agents. It will also clear scars, soothe and regenerate cells. All great when looking to repair the damage caused by acne.

Frankincense Essential Oil

Like lavender, frankincense is awesome for skincare as it is a cicatrisant. There’s a new word! A cicatrisant provides healing to scars and is regenerative and balances oily skin, which is a cause of acne. So not only can frankincense help prevent acne, it can also help treat it during and after as well.

Bath Bombs and Eczema

I have a full guide on bath bombs for sensitive skin on site, so feel free to go read that, but here I focus specifically on eczema sufferers.

Do you suffer from eczema and have walked past the bath bomb shops taking in the aromas and wishing there was something in there you could use?

Well, usually, they do! – Go for the organic section, and you probably don’t need me to tell you what’s good for your eczema and not. But in any case, whilst the products that you can use might not look as good or as colorful as some on display, there is a range that will suit you just fine.

Oatmeal bath bombs are great. Hydration and calming inflammation and itchiness can only help. Look for Oatmeal milk, honey oil and polysorbate 80. That’s a natural vegan emulsifier.

Find one with coca butter and you’ll get deep moisture that reconditions your skin

If in doubt, ask at the counter.

Are Bath Bombs Safe to use Everywhere?

Can I use a Bath Bomb in the Jacuzzi

The short answer is Yes. With extreme caution. The sensible answer is NO!

Jacuzzis and Hot Tubs are more popular now than they ever were. Once they claim to having that little bit more than someone else, they are more readily available and you’ll find a hot tub in many back yards. Steaming year-round what could be better?

Well, the question Can I use a bath bomb in the Jacuzzi?’ keeps cropping up.

If you are super careful with the type and ingredients of your bath bomb it would be possible to use one. Be warned that any hidden glitters will not be your hot tub filters friend, and neither is it ideal to be running unnecessary oils through it.

I think the answer to the question is another question.

WHY would you want to use a bath bomb in a hot tub? Your bath is the place for your bath bomb. Your hot tub is for bubbles. Bubbles from the tub [provided] and bubbles in the glass you hold in your hand.

Bath time is bath time, hot tub time is hot tub time.

Bath Bomb and Plumbing

It is possible that bath bombs can be bad for your plumbing and cause some blockages, but here are some tips to avoid plumbing issues with bath bombs.

Make sure your bath bomb is completely dissolved before pulling the plug.

If you have any large pieces of salt from your bathbomb that have not totally dissolved they can get into the drain and sit there waiting for hair and other small pieces of debris to catch. As that debris build up, it catches more and on it goes until you find your water failing to drain away.

Oils Can Clog up your Pipes

Not all oils are bad, but if the oil contained in your bath product is the type that congeals when cold, consider this in cold weather. It may be liquid as it leaves the bath tub. You’re feeling refreshed and small damn good to boot, but that oil may be sitting in your drain now ready to catch anything else going down

What Else is in Your Bath Bomb?

Glitters, flower petals, confetti and more. All of these things do not dissolve and once in your pipework, are looking for little bits of salt, other small blockages and debris to cling to. Once they do, if not expensive, you’ll have a nasty job of needing to clear the drain at some point.

Just be aware of what your bath bomb contains and your plumbing will be fine

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